• Building simple multilingual ASP.NET Core website


    In this tutorial we will create new multilingual website in ASP.NET Core and publish it to IIS. Version 1.0 of ASP.NET Core was released in June 2016, so it’s quite new tool. Main feature of it is that we can develop and run our apps cross-platform on Windows, Linux and Mac. Today we’re going to concentrate on Windows. ASP.NET Core contains some differences compared to ASP.NET MVC 5, so it’s a good…
    • Thu, Oct 13 2016
  • Easily extend your IDE with Extensibility feature for Visual Studio 2015



    Visual Studio 2015 is a very advanced IDE with a great number of useful options, but sometimes you may find that there are not enough features to meet your needs. Certain operations may be even more automated or you might prefer to have more project types or languages supported. Sounds familiar? If so, there is an easy way to deal with such situations.
    A while back, there were Macros and Add-Ins to make our IDE…
    • Wed, Mar 9 2016
  • Steering LED RGBW light bulb in .NET


    Milight LED RGBW light bulbs are a lighting system similar to the Phillips Hue light bulbs. Both work using the same pattern: they can be controlled via wireless network via software you can write. But Milight are a lot cheaper than Hue. Milight light bulbs come in two types: white and RGBW (red-Green-Blue-White). We decided to work with the RGBW version, because it has much more potential than the white…

    • Wed, Jan 27 2016
  • Exploring Interop Communication


    1. Introduction

    Believe it or not, there are still many projects for which original development began in the 1990’s. This is mostly because it is impossible to completely migrate from old programming languages and environments. So to manage that, a good idea might be to develop and integrate new features written in the .NET framework. There are several ways of running .NET code from native code, but in this article…
    • Thu, Oct 8 2015
  • Exploring App Domains


    1. Introduction

    People working in the IT industry are often faced with the problem of isolation at all levels of IT systems architecture. For example, hardware systems are often isolated to not be destroyed in accidents together, servers are separated to minimize the effects of breaking-in, and operating system processes are separated for applications security. But in addition to those things, the .NET Framework provides…
    • Tue, Aug 4 2015
  • OWIN - not until ASP.NET MVC 6

    Hello, Infragistics Community! We are CODEFUSION, a small software development company from Opole, Poland, and this is the first of our posts for our friends at Infragistics.

    For our summer internship program we are developing a custom monitoring service for web applications. As usual, in such cases it is an opportunity for our students to explore new directions that technology is taking. This time it was decided to…

    • Mon, Jul 13 2015