Running the NetAdvantage Toolbox Installer

Craig Shoemaker / Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When running the installers for the NetAdvantage tools, the Toolbox items should appear automatically. If for some reason after an install you do not see the appropriate toolbox items in Visual Studio, then you must run the utility “Create Toolbox Tab for CLR {Version}”. The utility is easily found in the All Programs menu:

    Start > All Programs > Infragistics > NetAdvantage {Version} > {Product} > Utilities > Create Toolbox Tab for CLR {Version}

Here is a screenshot of what the path will look like running the utility for NetAdvantage 10.2 ASP.NET for CLR 4.0:

Once you have found this shortcut the hard part is over. Now just right-click on the appropriate shortcut for CLR version(s) you need toolbox items for and run the utility as an Administrator.

When the toolbox utility launches, the first operation is to remove any existing toolbox items loaded into Visual Studio for the selected version of NetAdvantage and the CLR.

Next, the utility creates the toolbox section and loads in individual toolbox items:

When this is complete you are notified:

Now when you open Visual Studio you should see the new toolbox section and all the items available.