• Monster Services

    This control monster loves controls. I have so many cool things I am itching to tell you about concerning many of our controls. Over time I will share more and more. However, my first priority at Infragistics involves service. The last few months I have been working onsite at various different companies providing consulting and custom training services. These clients discovered that Infragistics provides services that…
    • Wed, Apr 27 2011
  • XamDataGrid 101, Part 3 - Data Binding Basics

    I love the XamDataGrid. I confess. It is an amazing control. There is so much I could tell you about it. So I’ve decided to dedicate another blog to show you the cool things this control can do with data.
    One queston users often ask is how do they get their data into the XamDataGrid and what should the data look like. I’m happy to report, the XamDataGrid is highly flexible when it comes to data. You may be working…
    • Sat, Nov 6 2010
  • XamDataGrid 101, Part 2 - Custom Colors

    I’m back!

    Sorry, but I’ve been very busy creating killer custom controls for customers. Did you know Infragistics does consulting? We help clients who need to create and solve custom solutions, whether that be customizing Infragistics controls or creating new ones from scratch. We do everything from UX design to complete engineering. I wish I could tell you more about some of the cool Silverlight controls we created…
    • Tue, Oct 26 2010
  • XamDataGrid 101, Part 1 - Blend-Savvy Overview

    The premier control of the WPF NetAdvantage suite is definitely the XamDataGrid. The Infragistics data grid trumps all similar type of controls everywhere. Not only do I get paid to say that, but as a user of our controls I have found the XamDataGrid to be fast, highly customizable, and fast (which is worth repeating). <smile> Since the grid is highly customizable, there are many parts of the object model you can approach…
    • Mon, Aug 16 2010
  • Taking Control of NetAdvantage for WPF 4

    I’ve been busy getting acquainted with some of our new WPF controls. They are completely fantastic! With version 2010.2 comes the release of new controls that require WPF 4.0. This blog will talk a little about some changes concerning these controls.

    NetAdvantage for WPF has some awesome new 4.0 features and controls. The new controls include the following:
    The new xamColorPicker which can be customized to include…
    • Mon, Jul 26 2010
  • Control Monster Explores Multi-Level XamTrees - Part II

    Hierarchical data can take on many levels and various approaches to data. To further demonstrate the flexibility and depth of the XamTree control, this blog will add a third level of data to the last example and add another XamTree which shows how to work with a recursive tree.
    Adding the Next Level to the Hierarchy
    First, I will be working with the sample project from the last blog.
    To add a third level of data to…
    • Fri, Jul 9 2010
  • Control Monster Explores Multi-Level XamTrees - Part I

    Displaying hierarchical data in software is a strategically useful task which can get complicated fast depending on how deep the hierarchy goes. You may have a database that lists accounts for a set of users where each account contains a list of transactions. You may even have a recursive tree, such as an org chart where each team member contains a list of team members they are responsible for. A large hierarchical organization…
    • Wed, Jun 23 2010
  • Getting Started with NetAdvantage Silverlight and WPF: Adding Sample Data

    As we go through the various most-excellent controls in our Silverlight and WPF versions of NetAdvantage, we will be creating diverse sample projects with many different scenarios of sample data. To expedite the creation of sample data, I will be creating fast mock data using Expression Blend 4. The following blog will show you how I create sample data for both WPF and Silverlight projects. I will walk you through creating…
    • Wed, Jun 9 2010
  • Curtis Taylor is a Control Monster!

    Yes, I admit, I have control issues! I am a programmer. I write user interfaces to help people create killer applications! I want those interfaces to give its users the maximum amount of control in producing their ideas. Monsters are wild and out of control. Oftentimes, learning how to engineer a control to do exactly what you want can feel like a monstrous job. It is my job to show you that that monster is really a smart…

    • Tue, Jun 1 2010
  • WPF Panels and the Aqua Workspace Panel

    One of the powerful things about Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight is the hierarchical presentation of user interface elements within a dynamic Panel layout. Panels are a part of WPF you don’t hear a lot about, yet are the key aspect of laying out an interface. Panels are used to automate the arrangement and even sizing of interface elements within a View. With a little design, Panels can be used to ensure…

    • Fri, Jun 5 2009