Curtis Taylor is a Control Monster!

[Infragistics] Curtis Taylor / Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yes, I admit, I have control issues! I am a programmer. I write user interfaces to help people create killer applications! I want those interfaces to give its users the maximum amount of control in producing their ideas. Monsters are wild and out of control. Oftentimes, learning how to engineer a control to do exactly what you want can feel like a monstrous job. It is my job to show you that that monster is really a smart creative force that wants only to show you that with a little bit of knowledge you can go a long way with the products and services Infragistics provides!

For the weeks and months to come, I've decided to write a blog that goes into detail about the various controls Infragistics offers for Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation. It is my intention to teach you about the nuances and consistent structure behind our controls. I wish to empower you in using them to produce whatever you want. WPF and Silverlight are flexible enough that you can create virtually any type of UI and UX idea. However, creating high-end interfaces is time-consuming and expensive. Infragistics steps in to save you that money and time. Infragistics controls are savvy with the technology they employ. Thus knowledge of the technology and the individual object models for each control will make your jobs easier.

I have been programming user interfaces for over twelve years now. In all my career I have never found one company that not only excelled at engineering excellence, but also went the extra mile to include cutting-edge design and UX principles, intuitive and simple programming models, and top-notch services to help you resolve any issue and realize any idea you might have. With each post to this blog I hope to transmit the excitement I feel about our products, show you some tricks to using them, and communicate why I enjoy designing and programming with them. If you have any requests for ideas or something you would like to see, please feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment here!