Developer News - What's IN with the Infragistics Community? (11/16-11/29)

Dara Monasch / Monday, November 30, 2015

Developer News this week is chock full of topics from all over the map! Javascript, Girls in Coding, and Microsoft news can all be found here. Make sure you check out a few and stay up to date!

9. Top 4 Javascript concepts a Node.js beginner must know (The Lean Coder)

8. Steve Jobs Tells the Best Definition of Object-Oriented Programming (FossBytes)

7. 10 hugely important IT trends for 2016 (GizmoABC)

6. 18 Awesome HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Libraries (Devzum)

5. The Five Reasons Girls Should Code (HuffPo)

4. Material Design in practice with AngularJS (Codek)

3. Four reasons agile software development isn’t succeeding (Analytics Magazine)

2. Microsoft open-sources Visual Studio Code, launches free Visual Studio Dev Essentials program (Venture Beat)

1. Microsoft Doubles Down on Open Source (Commerce Times)