Summary of March Melbourne AppFest

David Burela / Thursday, March 28, 2013

This month saw the first Melbourne AppFest, it all went without a hitch. The event covered development on Windows 8 / Windows Phone and Windows Azure.
The facilities were perfect and the catering was the usual good Cliftons standard.

We had a LOT of mentor support there on the day from Microsoft DPE and others (Nick Hodge, Frank Arrigo, David Glover, Shane Morris, and a few members from the community).

There were a good number of developers there. Many of them had general development questions about Windows Phone & Windows 8, as well as a few people there interested in Windows Azure.

There was a competition on the day for the best app of the day. This was won by Lars Klint for his “Picture of the day” application. It allows you to connect to a feed (such as the National Geographic) and it will change your Window Phone’s lock screen each day.
Lars won a Xbox & Kinect package!


The app is available for download on the Windows Phone App store
There are more details about the winning app by Lars’ employer

By David Burela