About Me

I am a Product Marketing Manager at Infragistics. That is just a corporate way of saying that I'm responsible for creating technical and ad content describing our products (NetAdvantage®, TestAdvantage™, etc.) both on www.infragistics.com and third-party sites. I ensure the accuracy of our marketing content, and if we're not explaining a feature well enough, it's my job to explain it better.


I have been with Infragistics since the summer of 2003, and have worked inside the development teams of our NetAdvantage ASP.NET controls and then as part of the User Experience Group for four of those years, so I know what a developer wants. It's terrific working here alongside so many brilliant luminaries of the .NET and Silverlight universes. Although I may wear the scarlet M on my chest now, my roots as a developer run deep and will continue to play a role in my delivering you relevant content.

Prior to joining the company, I had worked as a software engineer, technical lead and consultant in the annuity, life insurance and retail distribution businesses. I find this experience helps me relate many of our products to your real-world application development scenarios.  As an IBM Certified Solution Developer in XML & Related Technologies, I'm conversant in numerous XML vocabularies from RosettaNet to ACORD.

New capabilities are coming to a user interface near you, and I want to help everyone developing with NetAdvantage capitalise upon them.

A Typical Day in Product Marketing

There are no "typical" days in Product Marketing -- that was a trick heading. Every day turns out to be different. I coordinate much of the content that goes onto www.infragistics.com with our Web Team, especially during product launches where I work closely with our Product Management and Experience Design Groups to get the message out. There are plenty of ads to proofread, data sheets or brochures to write, and articles to see published. We product a lot of in-depth content for developers like you, so there is always plenty to keep up-to-date as our Development team is a prolific lot. If the weather is just right or the stars align -- I blog -- hopefully something members of our development community would like to read.

Other Interests

My other interests include Philadelphia sports teams, Bundesliga and EPL football, outer space and the outdoors, swing trading, space opera, nanotechnology, and games like Settlers of Catan and Diplomacy. I read Barrons, Nature and The Economist.