What we won in Las Vegas?

Derek Harmon / Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well, our DevConnections team has returned from Las Vegas.  Now, the local bureau of tourism would have you believe that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  Well, most of the time that’s probably true, except  when it is the “Best of Connections 2010” award.  We won for NetAdvantage Ultimate 2010 Volume 3, if you hadn’t heard, and our DevConnections team was not leaving this  behind!

It was all about Developers like You!

Everyone had a great time at DevConnections meeting and talking face-to-face with developers like you—our customers!  We got a lot of great feedback from you on how we’re still supporting our Windows Forms and ASP.NET AJAX controls even as others have abandoned theirs.  We also love the interest you’ve shown us in the new investments we’ve been making for some time now into XAML, Data Visualization, jQuery, Mobile and of course, HTML 5, so your applications will have the greatest reach across all devices in the future.

Everyone wanted our stuff!

It was a great show, not just because we met so many of you (the crowds were tremendous) and won Best of Connections 2010 (that was exciting, too), but also because we see that we’ve got the hottest apparel everyone wants to be seen wearing:

Everybody wanted to show-off their IGeek and I heart geeks apparel.

Wherever we went, people love geeks!

Our DevConnections team enjoyed meeting lucky Xbox 360® Kinect™ winner, Dallas Hawkes, hoping some of that luck would rub off on them for later.  This is also a good time to also give a shout-out to our Xbox 360 Kinect winner on Twitter, SwitchBoxRob!  Congratulations to you both.

Where will we pop-up next?

Those of you who missed us in Las Vegas (or if you are a globetrotting software tradeshow fan who believes they’re like Pokemon, where you’ve got to attend them all), there is still time to see us at shows this week in Berlin, Bangalore and Houston, TX!

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That's all for tonight, TTYL.