Dot.Net Rocks! episode on PRISM with Brian Lagunas

DevToolsGuy / Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hardly a day goes by without new programs, products or updates being released from the tech sector, which certainly lives up to its dynamic nature. Last Thursday was no different, as Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team announced that they will be shifting away their focus from the PRISM project and concentrating more on Microsoft’s Azure - their cloud platform. You can read more about the change in our blog post on that topic.

The change will have no effect on clients and developers, as ownership of the PRISM projects and frameworks will be given to three ‘’passionate, dedicated‘’ and highly accomplished Microsoft community members: Ariel Ben-Horesh, Brian Noyes, and Infragistics’ very own Product Manager of our market-leading XAML product line, Brian Lagunas. Brian has impressive knowledge and experience in the field and has been involved with Patterns and Practices since the launch of PRISM 2. He has been an expert speaker about PRISM at various international events and conferences and also provides personal training on the project and author courses on PRISM for Pluralsight.

Both Brian Lagunas and Brian Noyes joined this week’s episode of one of our favorite radio shows - Dot.Net Rocks! - where they talked about PRISM, its evolution and composability, and their ownership of the project now. The conversation touched on PRISM’s core nature, which is a set a of tools for building WPF apps and helping you organize your application in a more manageable and easier to test mode, its support for Windows Phone and Universal apps, and other PRISM-related topics. Rather than give away more, why not check it out for yourself? We hope you enjoy!