Infragistics WPF controls featured in TechEd Europe and DevConnections keynotes

[Infragistics] Devin Rader / Friday, November 10, 2006

Those of you who attended Eric Rudders keynote at TechEd Europe, or the Monday night keynote at DevConnections in Las Vegas got to see a preview of the DataPresenter, a WPF control that Infragistics has been working on for a long time as part of the keynote Fabrikam demos.

(You can watch the entire keynote here.  The DataPresenter is shown a little after the 42nd minute)

This is a closeup of the control in the demo:

While the demo showed the control using what we call Carousel Presentation Format, the DataPresenter is at its core, a multi-format data presentation control (thus the name: DataPresenter).  It does not really care how the data is displayed, you have a huge amount of control over how it displays it.  Of course we provide you with some great styles to get you started, but its amazingly capable of bending and shaping flat or hierarchical data into hundreds of presentation shapes.  Want to display data along a curve like the demo?  No problem.  On a straight line?  Sure can.  Circle?  Yup.  Traditional tabular format? Absolutely.  In card? OK.  Oh, and if your users need to edit that data, it will let them do that too.

We know that many of your are anxious to get your hands on our WPF bits to begin working with them and with .NET 3.0 finally being RTM'ed this week, we are working hard to put out a preview version for you and we are looking forward to your feedback.

We will be updating the WPF information on our website shortly with some more information.