Two Late-breaking Known Issues

[Infragistics] Devin Rader / Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today we released NetAdvantage for 2008 Volume 1 and there are a couple of very late known issues (so late we could not get them into the known issues documents) that may affect some customers upgrading from prior releases, or customers using the product in Visual Studio 2008.

A fix for the first issue will be pushed to our website for download next week.

Binding the WebGrid to a DataSet with Relations Configured Between Tables

This issue affects customers who are binding to a DataSet which has more than two tables configured in a hierarchical relationship (Grandparent, Parent, Child).  When binding to a data source of this type, if the first record of the Parent table does not have any Child records associated with it, the WebGrid will thrown an exception. 

Customers may also see this issue when binding to the same type of data source and the bound data is sorted, filtered or grouped and the grid is configured to not store data in the ViewState.  In this scenario, the sort, filter or group actions will cause the control to rebind to its data source which may result in the first Parent record being one which has no Child records associated, which will result in the WebGrid throwing an exception.

Visual Studio 2008 Design Surface Fails to Properly Parse Control Markup

This issue will affect customers who are using Templatable controls in their webpage in Visual Studio 2008.  When a control which uses multiple Tag Prefixes (like the WebGauge) is added to a control template, and then at some point, a Preset is applied to that control and then the page is then immediately run (by pressing F5 for example), the Visual Studio design surface can, in some cases, fail to parse the multi-tag prefix control properly and the applied control preset settings will be lost.  This can be avoided by changing any property of the control before running the project.

Other known issues can be found in our known issues lists: