• Fast product delivery through prototyping: Charles Plath and Mike Fagan talk about development for the insurance industry on The Storyboard

     In this episode of The Storyboard: Conversations about Usability and UX, (iTunes | RSS | Direct Download | Google Play | Stitcher | Soundcloud), Elden Nelson talks with Charles Plath and Mike Fagan of Instec, a company that develops custom software for insurance companies. Charles is Instec’s user experience director; Mike is vice president of product management. Together they explain how Instec uses prototyping and user…

    • Tue, Mar 7 2017
  • Internationalizing and Localizing .NET Desktop Applications


    This blog will provide examples of internationalization and localization across two .NET platforms - Windows Forms and WPF. The approaches are similar although the syntax is slightly different. A similar approach can be used in ASP.NET. Things get much different in HTML5 and JavaScript, where 3rd party libraries are often used.

    Overview of the Project

    The project, which we'll create in both Windows Forms…

    • Thu, Jan 26 2017
  • L10N and I18N Best Practices

    This post will focus on localization and internationalization in software. It will provide some guidance on best practices, as well as what to avoid. If you haven't read my previous blog post introducing Localization and Internationalization, you can read it here.

    Best Practices

    Get Started Early

    Don't write your application and then rewrite it to be internationalized. Save yourself some time and plan this from the…

    • Wed, Jan 25 2017
  • Introduction to Localization and Internationalization

    Localization and Internationalization: What do these terms mean?

    Internationalization means making your product flexible enough to be localized to other languages. This includes, but isn't limited to, externalization of string and image resources, applying correct number, date, time, and currency formats based on region, text input considerations, and right to left support. This is effectively the "prep work" that must…

    • Mon, Jan 23 2017
  • How to speed the process of defining user requirements and attaining acceptance through prototyping and design

    Recap of Infragistics Ken Rosen’s session presented at Microsoft Ignite

    In late September, Microsoft held its annual Ignite conference, one of the largest IT conferences in the industry, with more than 20,000 attendees. Infragistics’ very own Ken Rosen, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing, was a speaker at the event and we’d like to share the recorded presentation and slide deck of his session here!…

    • Mon, Nov 21 2016
  • Empathy is the key: UI design and testing on The Storyboard podcast

     **The Infragistics podcast is no longer available.

    In this episode of The Storyboard: Conversations about Usability and UX (iTunes | RSS | Direct Download | Google Play | Stitcher | Soundcloud), Elden Nelson sits down with Dave Broschinsky, UX Principal at LANDESK, to talk about why meeting customers face to face is integral to user interface design.

    Dave has more than 20 years of experience working with customers to understand…

    • Fri, Nov 18 2016
  • The Storyboard Podcast: Focusing on elegance and clarity in usability design

     We’re proud to announce a new podcast — The Storyboard: Conversations about Usability and UX. We’ll be talking with experts and practitioners about prototyping, testing, and usability challenges and best practices. We think you’re going to find it really useful.

    Eric Reiss, CEO of the FatDUX Group, joins The Storyboard (iTunes | RSS | Direct Download | Google Play | Stitcher | Soundcloud) for the…

    • Fri, Nov 18 2016
  • Eric Reiss talks usability, toy horses, and overflowing trash cans on The Storyboard

     We’re proud to announce a new podcast — The Storyboard: Conversations about Usability and UX. We’ll be talking with experts and practitioners about prototyping, testing, and usability challenges and best practices. We think you’re going to find it really useful.

    In this first episode of The Storyboard (iTunes | RSS | Direct Download | Google Play | Stitcher | Soundcloud), Elden Nelson of Infragistics…

    • Fri, Nov 18 2016
  • Indigo Studio Helps Teams Collaborate to Build Apps Right the First Time

    Indigo Studio empowers designers, developers, product managers and end users to collaboratively create and test rapid prototypes for mobile, desktop and modern web.

    Cranbury, NJ - November 14, 2016Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions that accelerate design, development, and collaboration, today introduced free and subscription versions of Indigo Studio, its intuitive, code-free prototyping…

    • Mon, Nov 14 2016
  • Infragistics 16.2 Volume Release Also Brings Improved Help Documentation Experience

    Accompanying the 2016.2 release, we have some significant changes associated with our help documentation.

    New Online Help Viewer

    Starting with the help documentation for the 2016.2 release of our developer tools, we now feature a new online help viewer. This website features an improved experience that makes it easier to navigate content among different versions, share links and find technical information you need.

    • Fri, Oct 28 2016
  • What's New for Windows Forms in Ultimate 16.2

    We’re pleased to announce the release of Infragistics Ultimate version 16.2, featuring great additions like our Ultra Office Nav Bar, Ultra Zoom Panel along with improvements to Ultra Color Picker and Ultra Pie Chart to help you create a better user experience.


    Inspired by the Outlook Navigation bar, the Ultra Office Nav Bar provides a simple way to navigate between different views of the same…

    • Tue, Oct 25 2016
  • What's New for WPF in Ultimate 16.2

    We’re pleased to announce the release of Infragistics Ultimate 16.2, featuring great additions like our Royal Dark Theme and our xamCategoryChart. We’ve also made improvements to our xamDataGrid, xamPropertyGrid, xam Calander and our charts. All of these are designed to help you build better, faster, and more usable applications.

    Royal Dark Theme

    We’ve always made a wide range of WPF themes available for use…

    • Tue, Oct 25 2016
  • What's New in Ignite 16.2

    Ignite UI 16.2 is here! We’ve added great new features for modern application development in HTML and JavaScript for desktop, tablets and mobile:

    • ASP.NET Core support and Tag Helpers
    • Faster, easier to user data visualizations
    • Collapsible grid columns

    We’ve also significantly enhanced our grid control, added a completely re-vamped charting library and solidified our support for Angular 2. So, let’s take a look…

    • Tue, Oct 25 2016
  • Your guide to following the action at Apple WWDC 2016

    Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is set to kick off on June 13 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and run until the 17th. If you weren’t able to make it out to San Francisco for this year’s WWDC conference, don’t worry— we’ve got you covered!

    Apple themselves have made the conference more accessible than ever via live streaming of daily sessions on their website as well…

    • Mon, Jun 13 2016
  • It’s show time! Infragistics is the exclusive sponsor of the MS Dev Show Podcast

    Infragistics has always been an active member of the developer community, with the belief that sharing knowledge is vital part of bringing the community together and helping others. In keeping with that tradition, we are excited to announce that Infragistics is the exclusive sponsor of the MS Dev Show podcast!

    If you are a .NET lover or a Microsoft technologies user, this is the podcast to have on your playlist. Covering…

    • Thu, May 19 2016
  • Why prototyping is not only essential for the design process but for overall product development too

    Why prototyping is not only essential for the design process but for overall product development too.

    Developing or building anything new involves a long and complex process and requires real attention to detail. Whether it’s the construction of a new skyscraper or the design of a new mobile app, the steps from initial conception and those first sketches right through to the final build and finishing touches all require…

    • Mon, May 16 2016
  • Wearing your business apps – IoT’s place in the enterprise

    It’s time to place your bets on what was the first ever piece of wearable tech. Ready?

    Google glass? No. The Apple Watch? Wrong again. How about Dr. Julius Neubronner’s Miniature Pigeon Camera? Close, but no cigar. The answer dates back to the 17th-Century, when Chinese mathematicians transferred the trusty abacus onto a ring.

    We’ll admit that the ‘tech’ side of this particular invention is up for debate,…

    • Thu, May 5 2016
  • What are the real benefits of being an MSDN subscriber?

    A typical software developer’s day includes anything from writing and coding new programs to resolving bugs and attending meetings with clients. With the rapid evolution of technology in the past decade, developers should also spend at least part of their day keeping up to date with tech news. Be it a new tool or framework, IT pros need a finger on the pulse - you never know when you’ll be asked to work on an entirely…

    • Wed, May 4 2016
  • Microsoft Power Apps: a look at UX capabilities

    If you’ve ever been frustrated by the complexity of getting even basic enterprise apps built, you’re not alone. Gartner recently revealed that they expect the demand for enterprise mobile apps to grow at least five times faster than availability over the coming years.

    Whether you’re looking for simple forms for mobile colleagues, workflows for their daily tasks or more powerful BI or specific jobs, mobile…

    • Tue, May 3 2016
  • 10 Tips for Using AngularJS

    There are a lot of powerful frameworks out there, but if you don’t know best practice, they can be pretty confusing. In this post we’ll be looking at Angular JS. First of all, what actually is Angular JS?

    Angular JS is a JavaScript-based open source web application framework used to develop rich HTML Web applications in a modular fashion and using MVVM framework (try and say that quickly). As it implements…

    • Tue, Apr 26 2016
  • The CIO’s new role in enabling digital transformation


    Challenges present themselves everywhere. When faced with challenges, some grow stronger; some see the idea of challenge not as a negative but as a positive. It’s important to remember (without getting too ‘New Age-y’) that within all challenges there are opportunities for rejuvenation and transformation.

    The idea of transformation is a very handy mindset to have for a Chief Information Officer (CIO…

    • Mon, Apr 25 2016
  • Are mobile UIs as good as they can be?

    How did you feel the last time you downloaded a poor-performing mobile app? What was your reaction; how long did you put up with it? Perhaps you found yourself getting lost, maybe you couldn’t find out how to go back or forward, maybe it just wasn’t clear how to navigate through the app itself. We’ll bet good money that you deleted it straight away – or left it sitting somewhere in the background of your phone never to…

    • Fri, Apr 15 2016
  • Meet with Infragistics in Bellevue, WA – April 20

    Infragistics, the worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions to accelerate design, development, insights, and collaboration for any organization, will be out visiting Bellevue, Washington later this month. While we’re there, we’d love to invite developers, designers, and marketers in or looking to get into the technology industry to a free happy hour at Tavern Hall on April 20th.

    Please consider this…

    • Tue, Apr 12 2016
  • Is programming similar to composing music?

    Over the last couple of decades, computer scientists with an interest in both musical composition and programming have managed to marry the two together. Artificial Intelligence can now compose music that is practically indistinguishable from that which is created by professional musicians.

    It’s no secret that many professional developers have a real passion for music, and many musicians dabble in computer programming…

    • Mon, Apr 4 2016
  • Top Resources for Build 2016

    Weren’t able to make it to San Francisco for Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference? Don’t worry—Microsoft has made this year’s conference accessible to developers around the world!

    First and foremost, it’s not too late to register for Microsoft’s Build mailing list. Once on the list, Microsoft will send you live updates and on-demand content directly.

    Want to be able to watch the keynote…

    • Wed, Mar 30 2016