What is www.IndigoDesigned.com

DevToolsGuy / Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll know we posted a beginners guide to Indigo Studio not too long ago. If you haven’t already given it a look, we’d suggest that you start there, as today we’re looking at an add-on feature for Indigo Studio: IndigoDesigned.com. IndigoDesigned lets you share your prototypes from Indigo Studio and UI Libraries, acting as a dashboard for all your prototypes.

Further enhance your Indigo Studio experience

With our Indigo Studio rapid prototyping tool, creating interfaces that are fluid and user-friendly is easier than ever before. What IndigoDesigned adds on top of that is the ability to share your prototypes and UI Libraries with other users in the Indigo community. Want to see what other people think of your latest design? Need some advice on a challenge you’ve encountered in your creative process? IndigoDesigned is the platform where you can interact and share with fellow members of the community to get the most out of your prototyping experience.


  • Explore: download prototypes or reusable design libraries created by other users in the Indigo community.


  • Organize: use tags to catalog all your shares and utilize collections to create your own design story.  


  • Share:  cloud storage system for storing and sharing all your designs: privately or publicly on multiple devices


The ability to share, collate and find new designs brings a focus on the community aspect to Indigo Studio. With online collaboration becoming more and more of a factor in the enterprise, being able to share your designs with anyone you want to is a vital addition.

If you have the latest version of Indigo Studio installed, you have the option for your prototype designs to be shared publicly or privately. By default, your shares are private, but it’s easy to make the switch to public so you can share your designs with everyone. You can, of course, flick between the two options if you ever change your mind. 

There is no limit to the amount of shares you can use with your IndigoDesigned account, meaning you can share as many prototypes as you wish. Community designs will always be available until you delete them, so you can produce as many iterations of a design as you wish until you’re satisfied with the final outcome.

Sharing features such as these make collaborative work effortless, and with the options of both private and public sharing, companies will be able to work cooperatively on projects without worrying about anyone else seeing what they’ve been up to. It’s one of the core ideas behind the IndigoDesigned community - to freely use and build on top of the designs available as much as users need to. Shares on IndigoDesigned are published under the terms of MIT license.

Account free

The good news is you don’t need an account to check out designs already created by the community, and you can browse and download available prototypes without signing in. However, if you do have an Infragistics account, you can mark designs as favorites, making it easier to find them again. Plus, if you are an Indigo Studio user, signing in will let you manage designs you have shared and get unlimited access to all the benefits and features of IndigoDesigned.com.


Even as a non-user, when you view the community shares page you can get an idea of the wide variety of applications that can be made with Indigo Studio. It’s a good way to see how much potential there is for what you can create, as well as being a source of inspiration if you’re relatively new to the prototyping process. Below is a short list of compiled prototype app previews that are showcased on the community shared section.


  • Recipe Delivery - an interactive ingredients list that lets you disregard any ingredients that you already have, allowing you to order only the ingredients that you need, pay within the app and have them delivered to your door.


  • Animated Name Badge - a prototype displaying an interactive name badge that creates an animation when you view it through a striped acetate overlay.


  • Soup Maker - app for making different soups; including ingredients, cooking method, pricing and nutritional sections.


  • Map Filtering - independent filter overlay for different POI categories.


  • World Stats - high-fidelity interactive animated charts and diagrams displaying various statistics.


There are some neat features that help navigating around the prototypes very easy. Opening the table of contents allows you to view all the screens comparatively and flick between them, and the Show States feature brings up a flowchart to view how a user would move to and from each screen when progressing through the app. You can also search for individual screens if you want to get to a particular one instantly. The toggle notes and toggle interactions buttons highlight the interactive areas on the screen, so you have the option to either view it as a user would, or get a quick overview of all clickable methods of transitioning through screens.


The perfect pairing

Indigo Studio gives you an innovative, quick and easy way to create prototypes for experienced and new users alike. With IndigoDesigned, sharing and discovering new prototype designs lets you continue to develop and improve your knowledge about all things prototype. Whether you want to share publicly or privately, or just need a storage facility for all your designs accessible on any platform, IndigoDesigned.com is the perfect tool to maximize your Indigo Studio experience.