• UXify Bulgaria 2015 - 2 Days of UX Inspiration, Networking and Practical Experience

    For the second time in Bulgaria, Infragistics is organizing UXify Bulgaria – a two-day community event, bringing to you the best of the UX design world. UXify will kick off on Friday, June 19th with a full day of inspiring conference seminars, followed by a day of workshops that will give you practical hands-on experience.

    UXify Bulgaria 2015

    Come hear the thought leaders in User Experience and Customer-Centered Design and get ready…

    • Thu, May 21 2015
  • Three iOS UX elements to use in your App

    Since the release of iOS7, App developers and designers have been adjusting to a whole new look in the Apple universe. Accustomed to embellishments and rich layers, the development community were taken by surprise with the shift to a very flat, simple interface. Regardless of your take on this, design and development for iOS will require a different approach to building apps if you wish to be consistent with Apple’s new…

    • Thu, Apr 23 2015
  • Building enterprise apps with Indigo Studio

    As anyone who works in app development will tell you, it’s an exciting time to be in the industry. With thousands of devices to develop for, exponential growth and amazing new releases coming out all the time, every day brings something new. For those who are ready and willing to constantly learn and push themselves, there are few industries as diverse, challenging and stimulating.

    Whether it’s for the consumer…

    • Thu, Apr 9 2015
  • Special Offer: Get Our UX Prototyping Tool for 50% Off

    The end of the year can be a stressful time. Let Infragistics make it a little easier with this exclusive special offer!

    For a limited time, get the latest version of our rapid prototyping tool, Indigo Studio, for $249 – that’s 50% off the current license rate! Simply visit our Online Store now and enter promo code UXSAVE50.

    Don’t waste time on round after round of revisions – discover the right design, code…

    • Fri, Dec 12 2014
  • 5 Great Blogs for UX and UI Inspiration

     The great thing about being a UX or UI designer is there are always new challenges to face and new things to learn. The web, and specifically the wide variety of blogs available for consumption, offer a great way to learn new skills, keep up with the latest trends, or simply find inspiration. With that in mind here are 5 great blogs that all UX and UI designers need to know about:

    Boxes and Arrows

    The Boxes and Arro…

    • Tue, Jan 7 2014
  • Why Software Developers Should Prototype

    Any developer that has been through the ringer before knows the pain that comes from undoing the hard work of developing back-end code and creating awesome UIs when stakeholders change the vision of their project.  Instead of suffering this cruel fate, developers can utilize tools that allow them to prototype their design. This way, UIs can be changed by stakeholders before developers start coding, thus saving lots of…

    • Mon, Sep 23 2013
  • What is a Wireframe and Why Are They Useful?

    A wireframe is a visual guide that portrays how a page or screen of a website or system may look. Wireframes can range from very unfinished and ‘sketchy’ in appearance, to very polished looking and reflective of how the system will look at 100% completion. Using wireframes can help determine:

    • The structure of a page or screen
    • The layout of content
    • The functionality available
    • Calls to action
    • Blocks of tex…
    • Tue, Sep 10 2013
  • Six Great UI Design Pattern Resources

    A design pattern is a repeatable solution to a common interface problem. They can be thought of as useful reference guides for particular design or interface requirements. The idea being that, if a problem has been solved well in the past, this knowledge can (and indeed should) be reused.

    The web has made it really easy for designers to share such patterns, and a number of really nice resources exist that all good interface…

    • Thu, Sep 5 2013
  • What is Responsive Design?

    Infragistics D3 Services' Creative Director Tommy Rausch brings viewers up to date with the evolving nature of Responsive Design and presents useful and sophisticated tips and guidelines that both designers and businesses can use in their design solutions.

    [youtube] width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/iey8-pMXPOw" [/youtube]

    • Wed, Jun 19 2013
  • Blend Storyboards - An Introduction

    Before we jump into Blend storyboards, you might have gotten here looking for Infragistics’ Indigo Studio storyboards (example shown above). They are very different things—Indigo Studio uses the more traditional meaning of the word—telling a story with pictures and words (on a board). We go a step beyond and integrate working prototypes into the storyboard boxes. If you’re interested in that, learn more about …

    • Thu, Jun 6 2013
  • An Overview of Expression Blend

    While it is fairly easy to hand-code XAML in the Visual Studio IDE for small-scale applications, when it comes to large applications such as games, productivity applications, or Windows Phone applications, developers prefer to use XAML authoring tools such as Expression Blend.

    Microsoft Expression Blend is a professional design tool that enables users to create visually appealing and stylish UIs (user interfaces…

    • Wed, May 8 2013