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Infragistics Videos / Monday, August 24, 2015

In this video, we'll take a quick look at which is our free prototype hosting service available to all Indigo Studio users. If you have the latest version of Indigo Studio installed, then you already have access to Indigo Designed. Let’s take a look. is much more than prototype hosting. If you already have an Infragistics account, you can just login, and what you're seeing here are all the prototypes that I have shared at As you can see, even after the sharing, I can actually view the prototype and its details, and if I feel like I need to make some changes to it, I can just edit that details right there, add new tags, or change the title of this prototype.

It also serves as a backup for your project, too. If the files for your prototype get corrupted on your machine, you can download the project files directly from the Share, and in case you want to share this prototype with more people, you can grab the unique URL from right here.

The other reason for is the community found there. Imagine you created this great prototype which you'd like to now share with someone else so that they can actually download it, learn from it and reuse it in some way. In that case, you can just change the Privacy setting on your prototype from Private to Community, and just like that, this prototype is now available in the community site of

These are prototypes shared by other people, and I can actually grab something... Like in this case, a Design Library, and I can just download it for my particular use. The other thing you get for free by sharing on is the ability to see analytics. Here you’ll find detailed information on how many times the prototype has been viewed and how many times the source files have been downloaded, but there is more. If you want to send someone a set of prototypes and not individual ones, you can do that with Collections.

To create a collection, you just select the prototypes you would like to include. Here I'm going to select three of them, and use the Add to Collection feature to create a new collection. In this case, I'm just going to name them Mobile. Now, if you want to share this link to someone, what they would see is a list of prototypes you've shared in the Collection, along with their descriptions. Back here, if you look under Collections, now you would see the collections you just created. Here I can edit this collection, I can change the ordering, whether I want to show a different prototype in a different order, and even grab the link for this entire collection.

And there you have it! is more than just free prototype hosting service – a virtual community created by - and for! – Indigo Studio users. Check it out today!