MVVM Made Simple With Prism: Webinar Recap

Infragistics Videos / Thursday, July 2, 2015

On June 30th, Infragistics' own Brian Lagunas presented a joint webinar for Infragistics and Pluralsight titled “MVVM Made Simple With Prism”. Take a look!

Here is the abstract from that webinar:

“WPF developers have been using the MVVM design pattern since it was first introduced by John Gossman back in 2005. While MVVM has become the standard for the majority of WPF developers, there are a number of issues that have become side effects of the separations created by MVVM. In a lot of cases, more questions than answers are the result of using the MVVM pattern: “How do I make the connection between the View and ViewModel?”, “How do I invoke actions in my ViewModels?”, etc. In this joint webinar presented with Pluralsight, Infragistics’ own Brian Lagunas will answer all these questions and more as he walks us through simplifying our WPF applications by using the features of Prism to implement MVVM.”

Attendees of this webinar can find our demo application source code here on GitHub and can view the presentation slides here.

Thank you to everyone that attended - we hope you found some value in the session. Feel free contact Brian Lagunas on his blog, connect with him on Twitter @brianlagunas, or leave a comment below for any questions or comments you may have.