Prototyping a Sales Dashboard for a Mobile Device

Infragistics Videos / Monday, April 27, 2015

In this video we created an Indigo Studio prototype to design the global sales dashboard for a mobile device form factor - an iPhone 6 to be precise! Much of the design that was introduced in the tablet version has also been implemented here, so I'm going to go ahead run the prototype so you get a better idea on how the  interactions of the design work on a mobile device.

The landing screen of the phone version shows three zones: month to date, quarter to date, and year to date figures. If someone is interested in any of the zones, they can just go ahead to drill down.

Here it shows the breakdowns of the sales figures by different regions and I can change to different divisions. I can access the chart from bottom. If I am interested in particular segment, for example the region of Americas, I can also access the chart of that particular segment from one click. It will demonstrate the global sales Americas from the chart.

If I decide to change to a different time range, for example, if I'm interested in the figures of previous months of sales figures, I can do so by swiping the time range up or down. Now I changed to June 2015. Because June falls into the second quarter, the quarter also reflects a change to Q2 that spans from April to June, and that is still within the range of 2015. So any of the time range change will also be reflected from other time ranges.

In this Indigo Studio prototype we were able to what the sales dashboard will look like on a mobile device. It helped us test the interactions and the navigations before the dashboard was developed, which in the end saved valuable time and money. To explore this for yourself, you can download the Indigo Studio files here.