Using Ignite UI NPM package to boost your productivity

Ignite UI Team / Wednesday, November 30, 2016
During the last six years since its` initial release, npm gained a huge popularity and it is now the most popular JavaScript package manager. It is also the default one for the runtime environment Node.js.  
With the release of version 2016.2 we made Ignite UI available as an npm package and you can now add it as a dependency to your project in few easy steps!  
All the licensed users will be able to use the licensed version of Ignite UI. To provide this important improvement, Infragistics has set up a private npm feed hosted on There you will find the latest available version of the Ignite UI package, which contains the latest features and improvements. Using the private feed will give you access to the full version of Ignite UI.  
If you don`t have a license and you just want to give Ignite UI a try you can use the official npm feed at Choosing this approach will not require configuring npm but there you will find the Ignite UI OSS version of the package. You can check which Ignite UI controls are included in the OSS version on the package`s page. 
If you choose to use the latest official release of the OSS version, you just need to type the following into the command line:
After executing this command, you will find the Ignite UI package inside the node_modules directory of your project. 
Below we will walk through the procedure of setting up the private npm feed and installing the licensed version of Ignite UI as a npm package to your project.  
Firstly, you need to do some quick configurations of the npm. 
You must change the registry that npm is using. Do this by running the following command: 

npm config set registry

After that you need to force npm to always require authentication when accessing the registry:

npm config set always-auth true

Finally, run the adduser command to log in to ProGet using npm:

npm adduser

At this point you will be asked to provide the username and the password that you use for logging into your Infragistics account. You should also provide the email that is registered to your Infragistics profile. After this is done, you will be logged in and you will be able to install the latest version of Ignite UI into your project:

npm install ignite-ui

Have in mind that even when you are using this private registry, you will still be able to install all the packages from without any additional configurations. 
So, if you`ve already adopted npm and you have an Ignite UI license, don`t hesitate setting up the Infragistics private feed and boost your productivity, using the full potential of Ignite UI.  
And if you don`t have a licensed copy of Ignite UI yet, you can still use many of the great controls that Infragistics provide for free with the Ignite UI OSS package. Among those controls are the powerful igEditors, igCombo and igTree. So, go ahead and give it a try, installing the Ignite UI npm package from