• Revisiting Prototyping With Indigo Studio

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    This webinar/demo introduces you to the core capabilities and rationale behind Indigo Studio, and how it relates to prototyping.

    But before demonstrating Indigo Studio's capabilities, I argued that "evaluation" lies at the heart of interaction design methods. That is, evaluation in use, with users, and in the right context. However, maturity of interaction design as a professional practice has…

    • Fri, Mar 29 2013
  • Prototyping Map Zoom in Indigo Studio

    Map Zoom Sample Screenshot

    A question came up on our forums regarding how one might prototype map zoom in Indigo Studio. The suggestion was to leverage SVG (which is not currently supported in Indigo, but you can vote for it here if you want it). Chances are good we will add a functional map control at some point in the not too distant future, but in the meantime, I thought it might be useful to share how it can be done.

    It uses a lesser known…

    • Fri, Mar 22 2013
  • Simulating a DatePicker in Indigo Studio

    Simple Date Picker Simulation

    Although we had a date picker in an early alpha of Indigo, it had to be cut for V1 release. We do know it is a common/useful control, so it will make its way back into the toolbox. To expedite that, you can vote for it here.

    In the meantime, it's not hard to simulate picking from a date picker with Indigo. The "Rove" sample that ships with Indigo illustrates one way to do this, but you can also do a simple simulation…

    • Wed, Mar 13 2013
  • Intro to Sketching Prototypes

    Intro to Sketching Prototypes Webinar

    This last Wednesday, we hosted a webinar called Intro to Sketching Prototypes.  We posted the recording on YouTube, so thought we should let you know in case ya missed it.

    Webinar Description: Sketching prototypes? Yep, you heard that right—you'll have to watch to learn what it means! :) This webinar tangos with the theory behind effective prototyping, illustrates some of the tools at our disposal, and demonstrates…

    • Sat, Mar 2 2013