• Mucking About with Storyboard Steps

    Indigo's storyboarding tool is optimized for banging out quick stories and illustrating those steps with either images or real prototype screens. What might not be so obvious is that you can branch out to show parallel paths, show bidirectional relationships, and even insert new steps in a flow or at the beginning of a flow.

    This video shows how to do these things:
    Adding Steps to Storyboards

    I forgot to also mention that if you drag and drop…

    • Mon, Jul 22 2013
  • Constraining Design

    http://ttoes.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/straight-jacket.jpgThere are good constraints and bad constraints when it comes to design. A good constraint is one that enables a designer to discover and realize a great design. This makes us ask what makes a design great--a design is great that facilitates the desired experience, one that harmoniously balances the concerns of all parties involved. Hopefully most of us involved in design these days take a more altruistic tack--helping…

    • Tue, Jul 9 2013