• Relating Screenparts to Storyboards and Screens in Indigo Studio

    Screenpart was always a critical piece of our prototyping vision for Indigo Studio. Ever since we decided to build Indigo Studio, screenpart was always there, sharing the stage with storyboards and screens. The following graphic tries to summarize the inter-relationship:

    Relating storyboard, screen and screenpart

    We love the UX process, and it exists for a reason. As designers, what we discover first is the story-of-use and stories that are desired. I tend…

    • Wed, Apr 30 2014
  • Create Reusable Custom UI Elements

    We are super excited to finally release reusable design elements! We call them Screenparts, which quite literally means reusable parts of your screen.

    After we released version 2, the Indigo Studio team has continued to enhance version 2 through updates. And this continues to be our model. That is, consistently adding value to the product you purchased. If our perpetual licensing model was not clear before, it should…

    • Mon, Apr 28 2014
  • Releasing Update 5 for Indigo Studio (v2)

    In this update we released a much requested feature to support scrolling inside containers. But we did not stop there. We also added more project management features for you to organize the files in your project from within Indigo Studio.

    Managing files inside your Project

    In prior versions, the project folder structure could not be edited when viewing the project home/gallery. It was not all bad because we did allow…

    • Thu, Apr 3 2014