• Embed External Maps and Videos in Your Prototype

    We added the following new features in Version 4 (update 2):

    • Enhanced Map stencil to display Google Maps
    • Enhanced Video stencil to display videos (e.g., Youtube)
    • Redesigned Project tabs as a compact dropdown
    • Options to view all open projects and documents
    • New iPhone 6/6+ devices Chromes and related tweaks to iOS Pack
    • Right-aligning text inside text input box
    • Touch cursor for touch-based prototypes
    • Bug fixes
    • Wed, Jan 7 2015
  • Adding responsive background images inside bootstrap cells

    We added the following new features in Version 4 (update 1):

    • Support for background image inside cells of Bootstrap containers
    • Generating HTML code assets from responsive prototypes (BETA)
    • Create new designs from the project tab
    • List view option in the project home
    • Start a new Project" option in the application menu
    • Bug fixes

    Background Images Support for Bootstrap Cells

    In version 4, we introduced…

    • Tue, Jan 6 2015