• Importing Custom UI Libraries from indigodesigned.com

    Version 5 (update 1) includes the following:

    • Download and import UI libraries from indigodesigned.com
    • New “replace existing share” flow
    • Sign in to indigodesigned.com from the desktop application

    Download and Import UI Libraries from Indigodesigned.com

    You can explore, download and import UI libraries shared by community users without leaving the Indigo Studio application. UI libraries or screenparts are reusable…

    • Wed, Aug 26 2015
  • Docking Properties Panel and Revisiting UI Guides

    One of our design goals is to provide a distraction-free design time experience. As part of this, we try to reveal functionality depending on where you are in the design flow and in context.

    In this update we revisited the properties panel and UI guides. 

    Docking the Properties Panel

    For rapid prototyping showing the properties panel near the selected element made it easy to understand what to do next. This is especially…

    • Mon, Aug 24 2015
  • Adding Comments to Indigo Studio Prototypes

    Comments Sidebar

    Today we are announcing the ability to add comments to prototypes! Since everyone is pretty familiar with adding comments, we don’t need to go too much in detail :D.

    • Sharing on Indigodesigned.com to add comments
    • Manage comments
    • Email notifications, realtime comments, and more
    • What happens at the end of BETA?
    • About indigodesigned.com

    Share Prototypes on Indigodesigned.com to Add Comments

    Commenting is part…

    • Mon, Aug 24 2015