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Ambrose Little / Thursday, April 18, 2013

UPDATE - In our most recent "Update 12" to Indigo Studio, we now offer you the HTML URL to copy in the share dialog, so you don't have to manually add the ".html" described below for new shares. :)

Indigo Studio Beta HTML Share URL


Earlier this week we quietly released a pretty significant release for Indigo--the Beta of our HTML prototype viewer!

Indigo HTML Prototype Viewer

You can see in the URL above that it is HTML, right? ;) Well you can also try opening it on any device or browser that doesn't have Silverlight enabled if you don't believe me.

Here's the way the beta works:

  1. You share your prototype as per usual (with or without a password) to our servers.
  2. You just stick .html on the end of your share link to give people the HTML version of your prototype.

We're doing it this way to give you, the designer, the choice of which one to share. Because the HTML is in beta for now, we can't guarantee it is 100%, so we are, during the beta, keeping Silverlight as the default. If you want to try your prototype where Silverlight is not available, or you don't want to ask your clients to install, just add the .html and try it out. If it works, you can share that. Just keep in mind that it is beta.

Please do let us know at indigo at infragistics dot com if you run into any problems, especially if it doesn't appear to run the same in HTML as it does in Silverlight. We are shooting for 100% parity.

Once we have more testing and your feedback, we will move from beta to release on this, and we will share HTML prototypes by default, both to our servers and to yours.


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Ambrose Little is principal design technologist at Infragistics and has worked on Indigo Studio as interaction designer and product manager along with an awesome team based here in Cranbury, NJ, USA and Montevideo, Uruguay.