Intro to Sketching Prototypes

Ambrose Little / Saturday, March 2, 2013

Intro to Sketching Prototypes Webinar

This last Wednesday, we hosted a webinar called Intro to Sketching Prototypes.  We posted the recording on YouTube, so thought we should let you know in case ya missed it.

Webinar Description: Sketching prototypes? Yep, you heard that right—you'll have to watch to learn what it means! :) This webinar tangos with the theory behind effective prototyping, illustrates some of the tools at our disposal, and demonstrates how to effectively leverage a new software prototyping tool that tackles this practice head on--Indigo Studio. You'll come away more empowered to design software that exceeds expectations.



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About the Author

Ambrose Little is principal design technologist at Infragistics and has worked on Indigo Studio as interaction designer and product manager along with an awesome team based here in Cranbury, NJ, USA and Montevideo, Uruguay.