Join Us for An Experiment

Ambrose Little / Friday, February 15, 2013

Bug Waving Oh Hai!Oh hai! The Indigo Studio Team here. Crazy thought popped into our head the other day. What if we just opened a public chat room and dropped our little anchors there whenever we could. We liked the idea so well we decided to try it.

So here's the deal:

  • This is an experiment. We just want to see how it works. If it's helpful or not.
  • There is no commitment on anyone's part. We all have day jobs and real lives. The Team wants to be available, but of course, our main thing is to keep working on adding new awesomeness to Indigo.
  • So we may or may not be there. We may or may not be paying attention, even if we are there. But if we are there, we'd be happy to hang out with you so we can all get to know each other a bit better. Most of the team is on US Eastern time or Montevideo time.
  • If you need help, and it's something we can quickly rattle off a solution for, we may be able to help you right there. Otherwise, we may have to get back to you. To get help, you might be better off submitting a question on the forums, and you may want to post your product ideas on our ideas site.
  • Standard professional etiquette applies. Don't make us bounce you out! ;) We want this to be fun and helpful.

This could go horribly wrong. It could blow up and not work at all. Or it could go swimmingly and be fun for everybody. We don't know--that's why it's an experiment.

So if you wanna participate in the experiment, you're welcome to join us in the indigostudio chat room. Say hi. Ask a question. Tell us what your thoughts are. If you're using Indigo, you can even stream of consciousness journal your experience to us. Whatever. We're cool like that.

UPDATE (22 March 2013) - For now we'll be "shutting down" the experiment. We may revisit it at some future point, or we may simply make it more focused/scheduled. Thanks!