Mucking About with Storyboard Steps

Ambrose Little / Monday, July 22, 2013

Indigo's storyboarding tool is optimized for banging out quick stories and illustrating those steps with either images or real prototype screens. What might not be so obvious is that you can branch out to show parallel paths, show bidirectional relationships, and even insert new steps in a flow or at the beginning of a flow.

This video shows how to do these things:
Adding Steps to Storyboards

I forgot to also mention that if you drag and drop a screen state or an image from your computer onto the blue part (i.e., not in an existing box), we'll also automatically add a box with that thing in it for ya, and you can then connect it in your flow if you like.


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About the Author

Ambrose Little is principal design technologist at Infragistics and has worked on Indigo Studio as interaction designer and product manager along with an awesome team based here in Cranbury, NJ, USA and Montevideo, Uruguay.