Releasing Update 1 for Indigo Studio (v3)

George Abraham / Friday, June 27, 2014

In version 3, we added the capability to create custom UI libraries using screenparts. If you haven't tried this yet, you are missing out :D.This was one of the top requested ideas. And with that, it's time to move on to even bigger and better things. Keep the ideas rolling in!

To kick off the "update" season for Version 3, we added the following new features in update 1:

  • Image thumbnails in the prototype viewer
  • New fonts for offline/online use in your prototypes
  • Minor UI improvements

Image thumbnails in Prototype Viewer

When we have shipped the Table of Contents in the prototype viewer, it showed the names of the screens. We figured viewing the screen thumbnails makes it a more recognizable experience. So now when you pull out the table of contents, you see screen names + thumbs. I know, not earth shattering, but it's a nicer experience.

Prototype Viewer Table of Contents

New Fonts for Designing Prototypes

Quite of few of you have been requesting more fonts for Indigo. It's not because we aspire to be stingy about this, but given the focus on rapid prototyping, we felt a smaller font list will be quicker to help you pick a reasonable one, and move on the bigger things :D. But we understand that sometimes fonts can set the mood, and may be important. With this update, we added support for Source Sans Pro, Roboto and Roboto Condensed.

Font Cards

There are a few reasons why we are adding fonts (and font weights in the future) carefully. A primary driver has been the need to embed fonts in the prototype so that we can support both offline and online uses. The last thing we want is you being unable to render the prototype correctly when offline. The other aspect we considered is that viewers of the prototype may not have the prototype font, and license restrictions may prevent us from embedding it. In either case, we are exploring ways to incorporate more open fonts and use it seamlessly whether online or offline. For now, your viewers will see exactly the same font you designed with.

Minor UI Improvements

  • The lock and visibility icons were tweaked to better communicate its current state.
  • The IX explorer is now visually integrated with the state name.

How to Get This update?

Here's how to update the version of Indigo Studio installed on your machine:

  • If you have the option to automatically check for updates on startup checked, you should see a dialog box pop up when you launch Indigo. Simply click update, and Indigo Studio will do the rest. This is the easier approach.
  • If for some reason you chose not to automatically check for updates, go to MENU > HELP & ABOUT and use the "CHECK FOR UPDATES" option. Checking for Updates

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