Revisiting Prototyping With Indigo Studio

George Abraham / Friday, March 29, 2013

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Webinar Description

This webinar/demo introduces you to the core capabilities and rationale behind Indigo Studio, and how it relates to prototyping.

But before demonstrating Indigo Studio's capabilities, I argued that "evaluation" lies at the heart of interaction design methods. That is, evaluation in use, with users, and in the right context. However, maturity of interaction design as a professional practice has brought with it an abundance of techniques and terminology. And while this has helped members within this practice to communicate their science and craft, not everything designers produce are meant for users. Often times we create artifacts that are about the design, and created to understand the problem at hand. And in a rush to create or design, we forget that some common deliverables really cannot be evaluated with users (e.g., annotated wireframes). You can view the presentation to see why this may be the case.

If we want to retain an unwavering focus on evaluation-in-use, a prototyping process is indispensable. And Indigo Studio has been designed to significantly reduce the effort required to create, evaluate and iterate your prototypes. And it does so in a novel way!

You can download my presentation slides here. Also, here is the Indigo Studio project I created during the webinar.

In Conclusion

  • Think of prototypes as a primary user-facing deliverable
  • Evaluate Design-in-Use then codify
  • Humanize your prototypes with Stories of Use
  • Use stories as a guide when prototyping
  • Create a collage to design just enough
  • And remember, it's fidelity of the experience and NOT of the prototype

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