• Create Reusable Custom UI Elements

    We are super excited to finally release reusable design elements! We call them Screenparts, which quite literally means reusable parts of your screen.

    After we released version 2, the Indigo Studio team has continued to enhance version 2 through updates. And this continues to be our model. That is, consistently adding value to the product you purchased. If our perpetual licensing model was not clear before, it should…

    • Mon, Apr 28 2014
  • Releasing Update 5 for Indigo Studio (v2)

    In this update we released a much requested feature to support scrolling inside containers. But we did not stop there. We also added more project management features for you to organize the files in your project from within Indigo Studio.

    Managing files inside your Project

    In prior versions, the project folder structure could not be edited when viewing the project home/gallery. It was not all bad because we did allow…

    • Thu, Apr 3 2014
  • Releasing Update 4 for Indigo Studio (v2)

    For the impatient reader, we just shipped an all-new prototype viewing experience :)! Here are some of the features in this update:

    Enhanced Prototype Viewer

    We actually were planning on adding a small UI element to hide the toolbar completely, when viewing prototypes in the browser. We already had this capability when viewing on devices (tap with two fingers to toggle). But we were also keeping an eye on ideas coming…

    • Fri, Feb 28 2014
  • Auto-updating navigation links in your prototype

    Sorry. I got busy with designing the next iteration of Indigo Studio, hence the delay in posting this. Without further ado, let's get on with what's new in Version 2 (Update 3).

    OK. I admit that sounds fancy, but this can be a huge time-saver. So what problem does it solve?

    When we are in the flow of prototyping, one may not know up front what to call or name the screens in Indigo…

    • Thu, Feb 27 2014
  • Common Questions About Indigo Studio License & Pricing

    Do I need to buy a separate license for the Mac and Windows Version?

    No. The license key you purchased will work for both. You don't have to purchase a separate license for Windows if you bought the mac version, and vice versa.

    I split my work across two computers. Can I install on both using my single-user license?

    The Indigo Studio license is tied to the user, and not the computer. Install and use Indigo Studio…

    • Tue, Jan 14 2014
  • Pixel-perfect iOS prototypes without worrying about the pixel

    Today we are releasing an update to Indigo studio, which is bumps it up to version 2 update 2. Like always, each update adds new features and bug fixes aimed at making the Indigo Studio work harder for you.

    With this update we are releasing the following highlight features:

    • iOS 7 pack!
    • Auto recover files
    • Export of HTML code assets (BETA)

    For our Infragistics ULTIMATE customers, this coincides with the release of Infragistics…

    • Fri, Nov 15 2013
  • Download Indigo Studio Prototyping Videos for Offline Viewing

    We heard that some of our customers are unable to access our youtube playlist for Indigo Studio related videos due to access restrictions within their organizations. To make it easier, I'm including links that will allow them to download a version of the how-to and webinar videos.

    How to video list (Download how to videos - 240MB):

    • Why Use Indigo Studio for Prototyping?
    • Storyboards
    • Storyboards- Advanced
    • Creating…
    • Tue, Oct 1 2013
  • What's New in Indigo Studio Version 2

    Phew! You have no idea how glad I am to announce that Indigo Studio Version 2 has shipped! :) In this blog post, I'll give you an overview of what's new since V1.0.

    Version 1.x Updates

    Since we first launched back on 29 November 2012, the team has been hard at work doing many enhancements and, of course, bug fixes. Even though we shipped these enhancements as dot releases to V1, you can really think of them as…

    • Mon, Sep 16 2013
  • What Makes Indigo Different?

    Indigo Studio Logo

    As one of the "faces" of Indigo Studio, I often get asked, "what makes Indigo different/special/better than ?" It's a fair question--it's not like we are the first players in this game, and everybody is doing interaction design with some kind of tools today.

    Indirectly, I've tried to answer this question with our Rationale series of blog posts, but I figured it'd help to try to sum up…

    • Thu, Sep 5 2013
  • HTML Prototype Viewer Done! - What's Next?

    HTML Prototype Viewer

    Publishing Complete, indeed! :) What you see above is maybe a subtle change when it comes to the Indigo UI; however, it is a humongous change when it comes to what it represents.

    Last week we shipped the official (i.e., non-beta) release of our HTML-based prototype viewer. The reason this is significant is that you can run prototypes on any modern device. That means you can get a lot better feel for prototypes that are…

    • Tue, Aug 6 2013
  • Mucking About with Storyboard Steps

    Indigo's storyboarding tool is optimized for banging out quick stories and illustrating those steps with either images or real prototype screens. What might not be so obvious is that you can branch out to show parallel paths, show bidirectional relationships, and even insert new steps in a flow or at the beginning of a flow.

    This video shows how to do these things:
    Adding Steps to Storyboards

    I forgot to also mention that if you drag and drop…

    • Mon, Jul 22 2013
  • Constraining Design

    http://ttoes.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/straight-jacket.jpgThere are good constraints and bad constraints when it comes to design. A good constraint is one that enables a designer to discover and realize a great design. This makes us ask what makes a design great--a design is great that facilitates the desired experience, one that harmoniously balances the concerns of all parties involved. Hopefully most of us involved in design these days take a more altruistic tack--helping…

    • Mon, Jul 8 2013
  • Running Indigo Studio on Retina Displays

    Indigo on Retina DisplaysIf you are on a Mac Retina display and using Indigo, you may have noticed it's not as crisp as it could be. This is due to a technology limitation with Silverlight rendering on Retina displays.

    However, the good news is that there is a workaround for it. In your Applications, right-click on Indigo Studio and click Get Info to bring up the app info. Under General, check the "Open in Low Resolution" box as shown in…

    • Thu, Jun 20 2013
  • Run Indigo Prototypes on Any Device

    HTML5 Logo

    Just wanted to give folks an update. We are heads down on all the awesome goodies coming up here in Version 2. At the same time, we're wrapping up testing for the release of our HTML-based prototype viewer. Once this is released, we won't be offering the Silverlight viewer. But you don't have to wait to start sharing and evaluating prototypes on any modern device.

    Read About Running on HTML During the Beta…

    • Mon, Jun 10 2013
  • Beta HTML Prototype Viewer

    UPDATE - In our most recent "Update 12" to Indigo Studio, we now offer you the HTML URL to copy in the share dialog, so you don't have to manually add the ".html" described below for new shares. :)

    Indigo Studio Beta HTML Share URL


    Earlier this week we quietly released a pretty significant release for Indigo--the Beta of our HTML prototype viewer!

    Indigo HTML Prototype Viewer

    You can see in the URL above that it is HTML, right? ;) Well you…

    • Thu, Apr 18 2013
  • Improved Exporting and Sharing

    Hi y'all! Just wanted to let you know that we released a pretty useful update (Build 1.0.113) that includes:

    • Added Ability to Generate Prototype to Local Folder for Sharing on Internal Servers, Public Folders, etc.
    • Improved Share and Export Experience
    • Added Export of Screens with any Referenced Image Assets (Including Optional Zipping)
    • Share/Export from Project & Design Tabs Right-Click
    • Hit Enter on Image and…
    • Wed, Apr 10 2013
  • Top Five Usability Sweeteners in Indigo Studio

    I doubt any of you may have used Indigo Studio as much as I have, but that can change. Here are my five usability sweeteners/addictions that make time spent building prototypes…sweet! Some are more obvious than others, but you will eventually run into them if you end up using Indigo like we do here at Infragistics. Think of these features as workflow accelerators.

    #1 Alt+Click or Alt+Drag to add elements

    This has…

    • Mon, Apr 8 2013
  • HTML Prototype Viewer Sneak Peek

    Rove on iPad mini

    So you've been using Indigo Studio for a while now, and you're thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could run my Indigo prototypes without requiring Silverlight? I mean, that would be awesome! Then I could see and evaluate my prototypes on mobile devices." We agree!

    I've got some good news. Today I'm sharing a sneak peek of the work we've been doing to make that a reality. Above you see our built…

    • Fri, Apr 5 2013
  • Revisiting Prototyping With Indigo Studio

    Watch Webinar Video

    Webinar Description

    This webinar/demo introduces you to the core capabilities and rationale behind Indigo Studio, and how it relates to prototyping.

    But before demonstrating Indigo Studio's capabilities, I argued that "evaluation" lies at the heart of interaction design methods. That is, evaluation in use, with users, and in the right context. However, maturity of interaction design as a professional practice has…

    • Fri, Mar 29 2013
  • Prototyping Map Zoom in Indigo Studio

    Map Zoom Sample Screenshot

    A question came up on our forums regarding how one might prototype map zoom in Indigo Studio. The suggestion was to leverage SVG (which is not currently supported in Indigo, but you can vote for it here if you want it). Chances are good we will add a functional map control at some point in the not too distant future, but in the meantime, I thought it might be useful to share how it can be done.

    It uses a lesser known…

    • Thu, Mar 21 2013
  • Simulating a DatePicker in Indigo Studio

    Simple Date Picker Simulation

    Although we had a date picker in an early alpha of Indigo, it had to be cut for V1 release. We do know it is a common/useful control, so it will make its way back into the toolbox. To expedite that, you can vote for it here.

    In the meantime, it's not hard to simulate picking from a date picker with Indigo. The "Rove" sample that ships with Indigo illustrates one way to do this, but you can also do a simple simulation…

    • Wed, Mar 13 2013
  • Intro to Sketching Prototypes

    Intro to Sketching Prototypes Webinar

    This last Wednesday, we hosted a webinar called Intro to Sketching Prototypes.  We posted the recording on YouTube, so thought we should let you know in case ya missed it.

    Webinar Description: Sketching prototypes? Yep, you heard that right—you'll have to watch to learn what it means! :) This webinar tangos with the theory behind effective prototyping, illustrates some of the tools at our disposal, and demonstrates…

    • Sat, Mar 2 2013
  • Join Us for An Experiment

    Bug Waving Oh Hai!Oh hai! The Indigo Studio Team here. Crazy thought popped into our head the other day. What if we just opened a public chat room and dropped our little anchors there whenever we could. We liked the idea so well we decided to try it.

    So here's the deal:

    • This is an experiment. We just want to see how it works. If it's helpful or not.
    • There is no commitment on anyone's part. We all have day jobs and real lives…
    • Fri, Feb 15 2013
  • Responsive Web Design and Interaction Prototyping

    Interaction Explorer in Indigo StudioAs the product manager for Indigo Studio, I get to keep an eye on what people are talking about in terms of interaction design and, especially, prototyping for interaction design, what I like to call interaction prototyping. You see, Indigo Studio is an interaction design tool. A key focus for it, then, is prototyping interactions, above and beyond static wireframing (although it can of course do static wireframing better…

    • Thu, Jan 31 2013
  • Whyyy Are You Still Designing With Static Wireframes?!?

    Whyyy are you still using static wireframes?Why?? Seriously. Interaction prototyping is so much more effective.

    Honestly, it's a little baffling to me when I see the disconnect between theory and practice in UX/interaction design when it comes to wireframes and prototyping. For all our talk about "interaction design," we seem amazingly complacent when it comes to actually designing interactions.

    "Oh, you need a design? Let me churn out a static wireframe…

    • Wed, Jan 23 2013