Infragistics CEO Dean Guida: How to Attract—and Keep—Young Developer Talent (Podcast)

Infragistics Team / Wednesday, June 21, 2017

 This spring brings a new wave of college computer science graduates onto the job market, and it’s theirs for the picking.

Infragistics Podcast host Elden Nelson talks with Dean Guida, founder and CEO of Infragistics, about what young developers are looking for as they start their careers today.

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Dean shares some advice on what smart companies can do to attract and retain the rising generation of developers — based on his 28 years leading Infragistics, his many conversations with customers and partners, and what he’s learned from watching his son do career searching in a hot seller’s market for fresh computer science graduates.

“It’s not about just getting a job and a paycheck,” Dean says. “They’re actually methodical in thinking about, is this somewhere I want to work? Can I excel here, can I learn here, can I be happy here, and does the company have the values that I share?”

Dean and Elden talk about the entrepreneurial, “street-smart” character of today’s young developers, what they’re looking for in their job searches, and how employers can shape not just their compensation offers but their cultures to bring in the best young talent.

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