Building your Company's 360 Dashboard with ReportPlus

Lucia Rodriguez / Wednesday, March 7, 2018

We’ve all seen those dashboards.

A 360 dashboard can be very hard to build when you need to include information from different departments. It is especially difficult if the information is needed for a presentation; how to include all items within a single dashboard?

With ReportPlus, there is no need to.

The tool offers a clean interface with responsive, dynamic dashboards and widgets. The plus side? You can link a row or widget to a different dashboard very easily in all platforms (that is, Desktop, iOS, Web and Android). Not only can you access a new dashboard, but you can go back to the original dashboard with just one click. No third-party applications, no fuss.

Start with a basic dashboard

Choose the dashboard you want to start with. When presenting information, it’s important to remember your audience: while they might be interested in numbers, including all of them together might be overwhelming. Most of them will probably zone out while trying to absorb everything they are seeing; the rest will stop listening to anything you are saying.

The dashboard below is a sample of what a simple Company 360 dashboard might look like:


While you have valuable information on revenue, projects, customer satisfaction and downtimes, there is only a glimpse of each module.

Add dynamic interactions to your dashboard

While a simple, clean dashboard might be a good starting point, you will, sooner or later, need to include all the information you need. Here’s the trick: there doesn’t have to be one dashboard.

With ReportPlus, you can link more than one dashboard into a single one. Using one of the available ReportPlus actions, you can link a widget to another dashboard, or even to a URL. You simply need to enter the Widget Editor and choose what you want your widget to do:

Now, when you maximize the Projects widget of the initial dashboard, you will be looking at a dashboard with detailed information on your projects, including the assigned budget, the amount of open issues and risks, the team’s effectiveness, and other metrics.

But that’s not all…

Need more detailed information on each case? You can add a link to where the project information is kept in case there are any questions during your presentation, or if the dashboard is being forwarded to the attendees.

Why not give it a try?

This is only an example of how far ReportPlus can take your Business Intelligence experience.

Interested in trying this out? Try any of our ReportPlus platforms now, or contact us to see the wonders it can do for your team’s productivity!