FinJS London: The Webinar Surrounding Our OpenFin OS Support

Sarah Roman / Friday, June 15, 2018

We recently presented at the FinJS London Event where we showcased our work with OpenFin OS and Angular. With featured guests like Microsoft, Adaptive, and AG-Grid, InfragisticsJason Beres, the SVP of Developer Tools, showed the audience the work we've been doing to extensively support capital market applications with Ignite UI for Angular's high-powered Angular Data Grid and high-performance financial chart component.  

In the webinar, you'll hear: 

  • The present state of choosing frameworks for application development and what it takes to compete in the modern space. 
  • The bi-modal solution that the pairing of Ignite UI with OpenFin OS presents to developers 
  • Angular Data Grid examples with large-scale data sets being rendered in real-time on the grid and with the financial chart component. 
  • A demo of integrating OpenFin OS with the Angular Data Grid.