From 1,000-Page Reports to Interactive Risk Models

Infragistics Team / Monday, August 7, 2017

Learn How Battelle Uses Infragistics Ultimate to Analyze Vast Volumes of Security Data in Real Time

Battelle Memorial Labs, the largest non-profit research and development organization in the world, provides data analysis and risk modeling for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) threats for a large number of clients, including many U.S. civilian and defense agencies. The organization uses the UI controls and productivity tools in Infragistics Ultimate to deliver not just analysis and insights, but apps that enable clients to run interactive models with the data.

Battelle Memorial Labs uses Infragistics Ultimate for data analysis and risk modeling

To help clients prioritize spending and resource allocations for potential threats, Battelle used to deliver thousand-page static reports loaded with data and insights, but clients could not interact with the information or easily predict how specific variables might influence potential results. The organization began using Infragistics Ultimate UI to create desktop and web-based apps that can process vast volumes of data in near-real time. Clients can run models using different variables to see how specific events, such as variations in weather patterns or resource contributions from different government agencies, might change how a risk scenario plays out.

“In the big picture, the overall assessments help the government prioritize not only their resources, but other resources as to where to best spend their money,” says Patrick Wilson, Hazard Modeling manager for Battelle. “And the applications help agencies better plan for more specific events.”

The Infragistics Ultimate toolkit makes it easy for Battelle to create new modeling apps that can quickly and reliably handle vast volumes of data, which in turn helps the organization’s clients make smarter decisions about the most pressing risks our citizens face. Read the full customer story to learn more about how Battelle uses Infragistics Ultimate to turn complex data into usable insights.