Google Talks About Angular’s Past, Present, and Future (Infragistics Podcast Ep. 3)

Infragistics Team / Monday, April 17, 2017

 Update: Infragistics has discontinued its podcasts.

In The Infragistics Podcast — Episode 3  Infragistics Ignite UI Product Manager James Bender talks with two key members of Google's Angular team: Stephen Fluin, Developer Advocate; and Jules Kremer, who manages developer relations and documentation for Angular.

If you're interested in why Angular matters, this is a can't-miss episode of the Infragistics Podcast. Jules, Stephen and James talk about:

  • The challenges of releasing on a fast cadence: As demands increase — developers always want to do more, and users always expect more — Google describes its plan for balancing speed with being planful and careful.
  • Priorities: James asks Google about how Google is weighting the priorities of increasing speed, reducing size, improving stability, and bringing simplicity to development projects.
  • Obstacles: Which is the bigger obstacle to Angular right now: trying to satisfy the millions of developers using it — each with individual requirements? Or teaching and training developers coming from other environments on how to work with Angular? Jules and Stephen disagree on this one.
  • What's Next? Angular is moving fast. James, Jules and Stephen talk about where it's been, how it got to its current state, and what this trajectory means for its future. 
From the reasoning behind the move to a component model to making best practices the easiest path possible, this is a meaty, meaningful (while still brief — just 22 minutes long) conversation. If you're developing in — or are interested in learning more about — Angular, this episode of the Infragistics podcast is a must-listen.