How to Take Part in a Usability Study in Indigo Studio

Infragistics Team / Wednesday, August 9, 2017

In this post, we’re going to walk you through how to take part in a usability study with Indigo Design, Infragistics’ rapid prototyping solution. Not only does Indigo Studio's remote usability testing allow you to get feedback from users anywhere, at anytime, it now includes video and camera support, so you can see the participants' interactions, not just their clicks through the prototype. For more on usability studies, be sure to check out our first post in this series about how to set up a usability test

To participate in a usability study, the study organizer will need to share a direct link to the study. As the organizer, you can copy this link from the study details page. This link will take participants to a welcome page where they can review any instructions provided by the organizer.

Clicking on “Continue” will instruct participants to install our Google Chrome extension. This extension is required for video recording the usability session. Participants can also opt in to record their voice and camera while they take part in the study. Once the extension is installed, participants will need to click on the extension to start the study.

After starting the study, participants are presented tasks one at a time via a task prompt. When they start a task, the prompt is hidden, letting them interact with the prototype. When they finish the the task, clicking “I’m Done” shows the next task.

Participants can always review the task at any time by clicking on the question in the toolbar. In addition to thinking out loud while completing the task, participants can type their feedback or suggestions. If they feel stuck at any time, participants can use the “Guide Me” option to get a visual hint for the next step.

When all the tasks are finished, participants see a thank you page with further instructions, if available. And that's it for how to participant in a usability study.

For more information on usability testing in Indigo Studio, visit Usability Testing at Scale on If you have yet to experience all that Indigo Studio has to offer, get it for free here! Then start getting real user feedback on your prototypes to drive your design decisions.