IG Backlog for 11/03/17

Infragistics Team / Friday, November 3, 2017

Oh, the Backlog. As we approach a launch, it may get shorter, but each item feels harder to clear.

  • Angular 5 – Speaking of launches, did you see that Angular 5 became available this week? JaxEnter calls it has “an abundance of new features and bugfixes” while InfoWorld touts easier Progressive Web Apps. PS- don’t forget to stop by if you’re going to be at Angular Connect in London next week!
  • Unpopular Tongues – Stack Overflow asked (and answered) What are the Most Disliked Programming Languages?, over on their blog this week. Research is based on what developers say they are not interested in when looking for a job. You really should read the article for more info, but I’ll give you a hint at #1- it rhymes with hurl.
  • Hitchcock Approved – The national broadband network (NBN) of Australia is apparently for the birds. This from the biting team at The Register, who report that native cockatoos have cost more than $80,000 in damage. This prompted what might be the quote of the week from Chedryian Bresland, NBN Co’s Build Project Manager, “You wouldn’t think it was possible, but these birds are unstoppable when in a swarm. I guess that’s Australia for you; if the spiders and snakes don’t get you, the cockies will.”

Electric Landing: flickr user Paul Hocksenar

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