Ignite UI for Angular 7

Slav Karaslavov / Tuesday, December 11, 2018

All up-to-date with Angular 7

We have now updated Ignite UI for Angular dependencies to Angular 7. You can easily update your project to the newest Ignite UI for Angular version using the “ng update” command of the Angular CLI – “ng update igniteui-angular”. The newest version also includes new features and components, as well as enhancements to existing components and bug fixes.

Introducing ng add support

Did you have trouble adding Ignite UI for Angular to your existing Angular project? You no longer have to create your project using the Ignite UI CLI in order to get started with Ignite UI for Angular! Adding our package to your project to use the components is now as easy as “ng add igniteui-angular!"

New Goodies in Theming

Introducing Schemas. Schemas are a simple, declarative way to list all the properties that a component theme might use. They are like recipes, simple Sass maps, that allow us to define all properties a theme might use. Those properties can be colors, shadows, margins, paddings, etc. Anything a theme consumes can be described as a schema, then passed to the global or component theme. A component schema can extend an existing component schema and override the properties of the former.

You can dive deeper into the global and component themes Ignite UI for Angular exposes.



We have also introduced a new component with Ignite UI for Angular 7: the IgxBanner. It supports a Banner component that is shown at the full width of the screen (above the app content but below a Navigation Bar) if available. The Banner is a mildly interruptive interface that provides contextual information and may only be dismissed by the user (unlike Snackbar and similarly to a Dialog, but in a non-modal fashion). The Banner is a component that is displayed at the top of an application (below a NavBar component, if such exists) and can contain template-able content and a collection of up to two actions.


Component improvements

An enhancement introduced in the IgxNavBar: we have made the title part template-able so that the developers can now add custom content around their application titles, like logos or icons. We have added the igx-action-icon directive that can be used to provide any custom icon to the NavBar as an action icon, and not just icons from the material font set.

The IgxCombo and the IgxChips now both support different display densities.


Bug Fixing

We have also released a lot of bug fixes with the new releases of Ignite UI for Angular 7. You can get the full list of bug fixes from our release notes.