Indigo.Design App Builder – New Features, Updates and Bug Fixes

Danail Marinov / Tuesday, March 9, 2021

We are excited to announce updates and improvements to the public preview of Indigo.Design App Builder, our new cloud-based WYSIWYG drag & drop tool that helps teams design and build complete business apps faster than ever before. We are committed to disrupting the status quo of the established software building process and Indigo.Design App Builder is an exciting, unified platform for application low-code development and code generation.

This release includes new data sources and four new components so you can create even more complex application scenarios.

Data Sources

Until now, we’ve exposed binding data only to a mock-up Northwind data source in Indigo.Design App Builder. Now, we are delivering a Rest API data-binding feature enabling you to provide a data source URL or to directly upload and operate with your own JSON files. So, now not only can you build your custom app and generate its code, you can also use your own data input as a custom data source. To do this, simply add your data source from the data panel in the toolbox, select which of its fields to include and connect the fields to components of your design. Learn more about data binding by checking the official documentation.

Four New Components

Indigo.Design App Builder is a low-code tool and our main priority is to enable you to create broader application experiences within it. Thus, we’ve added 4 new components from our Ignite UI for Angular UI toolkit into the App Builder components library, and you can configure these properties conveniently from the Property Panel.

Once you review and try these new components, please give us feedback about them and the overall user experience of Indigo.Design App Builder. We are dedicated to building the most exciting design-to-code tool possible and your input helps us every day.


The combo box component is very popular and often-used component and includes a drop-down list of selectable items and a search field with a prefix and suffix option so you can customize the field. But what makes the component even more exciting in Indigo.Design App Builder is that you can easily connect it to your data source. It should help you work faster, eliminating the need to type country names one by one, for example, in those cases where you use it as a country-selection component.


Tabs Layout

The Tabs Layout component frees you to build rich UI scenarios within a single app view. Once added, you can create as many tab sections as needed, and then build different designs inside each of the tabs.


Expansion Panel

This is another component that I am sure you are quite familiar with, especially from common web scenarios like FAQs or “How it works” features. Simple and easy-to-use, you just need to drag & drop the Expansion panel component and use its layout as a container for other UI elements, according to your design.


Date Time Editor

This component is a sub-item of the Input group, so you can find it under the Type menu of the Input Group. In fact, this component is quite powerful offering various properties and settings, such as input format, display format, and option to set min and max allowed values. Yes, our designers thought about every use case.


What’s Next

We are preparing a major release of Indigo.Design App Builder very soon, when more enhancements, features, and components will be delivered. In addition, we’ll be including more predefined application samples that cover even more business scenarios and use cases. However, the most significant update is that you will be able to use App Builder, directly within the Indigo.Design cloud. Stay tuned!