Indigo.Design Code Generator (v.1.0.7)

Robert Stoffers / Tuesday, December 11, 2018

We just released an update to our Indigo.Design Code Generator extension for Visual Studio Code. This update contains the following changes:

  • Fixed bug where basic routes were not generated when the Basic Routes setting was enabled and the application was using routing modules.

  • Unlocked the version of the igniteui-angular package. Now it will install the version that matches the version of Angular being used in the project. For example, if Angular 6 is being used then igniteui-angular@6.x will be installed. If Angular 7 is being used then igniteui-angular@7.x will be installed.

The last bullet is related to a change in our code gen web service due to breaking changes introduced in the Ignite UI for Angular product. In the previous version of our Visual Studio Code extension we had locked the version of Ignite UI for Angular to 6.2.0 in order to avoid the breaking change introduced in 6.2.1. Since we have now updated the code gen web service to use the new $schema property we can switch back to using the latest version of Ignite UI for Angular.

This, however, means that the code that we generate will no longer work with version 6.2.0 or older of Ignite UI for Angular. You will need to use 6.2.1 or later. If you are starting with a fresh project then you’ll have nothing to worry about as the extension will install the proper version for you but for existing applications developers will need to manually update the package.

You can download the update from here by clicking the Download Indigo.Design Assets button and then selecting Indigo.Design code generator from the list.