Infragistics Commitment to Angular

Infragistics Team / Thursday, September 21, 2017

Coming Soon: Ignite UI for Angular Provides a Native, Mobile First Experience

We are excited about the possibilities enabled by the modern web, and as we did with .NET when it launched at the turn of the century, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve of your needs with Ignite UI. Last fall we introduced compatibility with latest Angular framework, both as extensions on top of the Ignite UI you are already familiar with, and launching the beta of a new set of Angular components, currently called JS Blocks.

Today, Ignite UI JS Blocks provides a mobile first collection of Angular UI components and directives for rapid development and/or prototyping or progressive web applications. Built on top of the Angular framework, our UI components are cross-platform, mobile friendly, and closely follow the Material Design specification assuring a great user experience. The components are as lightweight and minimal as possible without sacrificing core features and usability. The main idea behind the toolkit is to serve as a foundation for your applications and your own components, hence the name 'blocks.'

Since last year, we have continued to innovate and share our progress. The application is available on GitHub: available live here, and you can clone the application repo to play around with the code. In the last year, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the Angular community and proud to let you know we are increasing our investment and commitment. We have seen Angular projects in the enterprise on the rise and have personally engaged with leading global retailers, financial institutions, and government groups to assist them in getting the most out of the framework, and delivering amazing user experiences to their end customers. The Angular team even has a site where you can check out projects that have been made with Angular.

Coming this November, with the release of Infragistics Ultimate UI 17.2 (it will also be available as part of Ignite UI and as an individual sku), we are proud to move out of beta and into commercial production with: Ignite UI for Angular.

Designed to be mobile-first to help create a great user experience on any device, Ignite UI for Angular is built with no dependencies on jQuery. This is ideal for applications that don’t require the power or features of Ignite UI for JavaScript, but do rely on server-side rendering for SEO and being able to run in a smaller memory space, such as most public-facing web sites.

The components are fully responsive so they provide the best mobile web experience possible on phones and tablets. These components not only scale down to “mobile size,” they embrace the user interface paradigms that make mobile applications easy to use on smaller, touch-based devices. At the same time, there components work great on desktop browsers too as many of the practices and paradigms of mobile development translate very well to front of house, customer facing web applications.

We will have a laundry list of new features and angular components to talk about in the coming months, including a new Grid, Charts, Schedule and much more. In addition to being available for individual purchase, these controls will be available to current Ignite UI and Infragistics Ultimate and Professional subscribers.

We are excited to see the growth of Angular in the enterprise for browser based apps that can run on any device. We weren’t surprised at all to see the popularity of the framework in the 2017 Developer Survey from Stack Overflow, as it mirrors what we are hearing from our customers. We are committed to innovating in this space, and this is the first release in a continuous release model we are delivering for Ignite UI for Angular.

As I mentioned earlier we are becoming even more active in the Angular developer community. Our SVP of Developer Tools, Jason Beres, would love to chat with you at Angular Mix in Orlando Oct. 10-12, or in London at Angular Connect Nov. 7-8. You can reach him to set up some time @JasonBeres.

If you can’t make it to either event, please help yourself to our free e-book, Angular Essentials, and then contact one of our solution specialists to learn more about how our developer tools and professional services can assist you in building your next Web App.

All the Best,
Dean Guida
Founder and CEO, Infragistics