Learn How to Make Your SharePoint Implementation Fully Mobile

Infragistics Team / Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Your business probably uses SharePoint; Microsoft estimates that more than 250,000 organizations and over 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies have SharePoint as part of Office 365. But is your company really getting the most out of it? Mobility is increasingly important to business success, but many companies have struggled to find the best way to extend the capabilities of SharePoint to mobile device users. Our free on-demand webinar, SharePoint Unchained, explores how you can make your SharePoint implementation fully mobile, securely, on any device.

SharePoint Unchained

Kiril Matev, solutions consultant with Infragistics, narrates this three-part webinar that shows how SharePlus Enterprise brings together your SharePoint content and other network assets to make key resources available to everyone in your organization for mobile collaboration. You’ll learn how to increase adoption of SharePoint in your organization, how to understand SharePoint as more than just a file repository, and how to unchain SharePoint from the desktop and make it truly mobile. Sign up for the series to learn:

  • The key obstacles to mobility for users of SharePoint
  • The deeper capabilities of SharePoint that you might not be aware of
  • How the custom mobile workspace in SharePlus Enterprise can help put SharePoint and other system assets at mobile users’ fingertips, wherever they are

The webinar includes real-world examples of SharePlus Enterprise in field sales, field services, job site project management, and paperless meetings. Sign up today to learn how you can bring the promise of enterprise mobility to everyone in your enterprise.