One App to Manage: Easily Set Up, Protect, and Maintain Custom Mobile Workspaces with SharePlus Enterprise

Infragistics Team / Thursday, June 29, 2017

More and more, business employees expect the same convenient and reliable mobile experience from their enterprise systems that they get from popular consumer apps and services. This can mean an added burden for enterprise IT teams — but it doesn’t have to. With SharePlus Enterprise, IT pros can easily manage customized workspaces and content repositories through a single app.

In my earlier posts in this series, I looked at two of the key pillars of SharePlus Enterprise: one place to find all your business content, and one place to work with a custom mobile portal equipped with content and tools. The third pillar of SharePlus Enterprise is one app to manage everything, saving the IT team considerable time and effort while providing true enterprise mobility.

What makes SharePlus Enterprise so easy to manage? It starts with implementation, because SharePlus Enterprise sits on top of your existing systems and assets. There’s no need to rip and replace software or move content to different locations, and no need to learn new processes and steps for familiar work tasks.

It continues with templates for mobile workspaces designed to fit a variety of industry verticals and workplace roles. Administrators can drag and drop components to customize a workspace with the tools, visual layouts, and color schemes that best fit the enterprise and the user’s individual role.

Once the SharePlus Enterprise installation is set up, keeping up with workplace changes is simple. You can add users individually or in batches, and automatically implement existing security protocols and mobile device management standards for your organization. SharePlus Enterprise even supports advanced technologies like multi-factor authentication, so you can offer your users full mobile access without compromising your most stringent security standards.

Because SharePlus Enterprise is so easy to manage, your IT team can spend less time on minor troubleshooting and more time coming up with innovative approaches to real technical and business challenges. Your employees get a better experience as well, thanks to a truly mobile solution that’s reliable and accessible online or offline.

In the next four posts in this series, I’ll take a closer look at some business scenarios that show how different industry segments can use SharePlus Enterprise to make their business truly mobile. I’ll start with a look at field services, followed by field sales, job site project management, and paperless meetings.  

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