One Place to Find Everything: SharePlus Enterprise Brings Together the Business Content You Need

Infragistics Team / Thursday, June 15, 2017

Enterprises are swimming in more content than ever before, in the form of documents, customer records, workflows, images, and much more. But, paradoxically, adding more content doesn’t automatically mean adding more value.

Content is only valuable if you can use it, and enterprises can only use content if it’s findable. McKinsey estimates that knowledge professionals spend up to 50 percent of their time looking for information, often failing to find it or having to re-create existing information that can’t be found.

SharePlus Enterprise provides a single place to find all of an enterprise’s content, wherever it resides, giving professionals back that 50 percent of their time.   

Traditional methods of storing and categorizing information don’t always make it easy for enterprise users to find what they need. Most businesses rely on traditional file share systems — those complex folder trees that require users to dig down through folders into sub-folders and sub-sub-folders, only to return to the top and dig through different folders when they can’t find what they want.

File shares are usually created to map to the organization’s structure and hierarchies, which makes it difficult for them to evolve as the business grows and changes. And because users must save individual files to the right location, it’s all too easy to write over previous versions and lose the document’s history, or duplicate files in different folders.

It only takes a few file-name errors or similar-sounding folders for content to become hopelessly lost.

SharePlus Enterprise helps businesses break free of the old-fashioned folder tree structure by making it easy to find content from any location with just a few clicks — online or offline. Through search, metadata and tagging, and the use of recents and favorites, SharePlus Enterprise lets users stop hunting and actually start using the information they require.

Global search capability lets professionals locate content across folders, SharePoint document repositories, and even online shares such as Dropbox and OneDrive with a single search. Contextual search helps weed out less-relevant files so professionals can more quickly zero in on what they need.


Of course, professionals don’t want to search — they want to find. SharePlus Enterprise supports metadata and tagging so users can quickly classify and categorize documents, without relying on filenames. Users can simply pull up everything that carries the appropriate tags, including image and audio files.

SharePlus Enterprise also lets users access their most recently used and favorite files with just a few clicks, making it easy to immediately dive back into work in progress.

In addition to simplifying the process of finding content, SharePlus enterprise brings it all together in a single portal so professionals can immediately make use of it. In the next installment of this blog series, we’ll talk about how the custom mobile workspace in SharePlus Enterprise creates one place to work, whether users are in the office or in the field.

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