Pasona Tech Creates More Intuitive Custom Solutions with Ignite UI

Infragistics Team / Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Pasona Tech, Inc., provides IT solutions to help businesses in a variety of industries move to the cloud and integrate their disparate systems. The company creates custom solutions on the kintone platform for business financials, ordering, customer relationship management, and more. The platform helped Pasona Tech quickly create and deploy web-based business apps, but customers wanted more powerful processing and analysis, as well as a more intuitive user experience.

Pasona Tech partnered with Infragistics to use the comprehensive set of UI components in Infragistics Ignite UI for JavaScript/HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC to provide the easy-to-use, speedy interfaces that customers were demanding.

“This not only helped us differentiate our service offerings from our competitors, but our clients found that Ignite UI’s rich widget library and other features enabled them to add value to their system,” said Ryohei Niiyama, senior manager of the Systems Solutions Division in Pasona Tech’s Project Management Group.

Read the full customer story to learn more about how Pasona Tech uses Ignite UI to fulfill its corporate mission of providing solutions to society’s problems.