ReportPlus Desktop Release Notes – Volume Release

Mobile Man / Friday, June 30, 2017

ReportPlus Desktop Version is here:


  • Calculated Fields Editor UX Improvements
  • SharePoint List View parameter support
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support
  • Added option for providing domain credentials when connecting to Enterprise server
  • Removed the data rows limit

Fixed Issues: 

  • Appropriate error message is displayed when saving a new calculated field and the name of the field is a duplicate of an existing one
  • Correct data is retrieved from an Excel sheet which has columns containing mixed types of data
  • Add new widget button no longer overlaps with the widget resizing adorner
  • Summarizations are now cleared when parameters are changed
  • Local changes are now preserved when refreshing a dashboard before the sync is completed
  • Documents Library can be selected as a SharePoint data source
  • SharePoint data with configured View Parameter is now correctly displayed
  • Creating a link to another dashboard in a dashboard you haven't saved yet is now working
  • DateTime summarization fields support all types of aggregation levels
  • View Data displays the correct data formatting
  • Editing the expression of a calculated field no longer changes its position in the Fields collection
  • Drill up/down buttons are displayed in the chart tooltip when Ad Hoc hierarchy is enabled
  • Creating a web resource CSV data source is now working
  • Loading the global filters for a dashboard does not crash
  • Creating a row or column summarization field when the selected visualization is Linear Gauge now works correctly
  • Preciously saved dashboard with Ad-Hoc hierarchy is loading correctly
  • Grid visualization headers now respect the characters casing
  • Exporting a dashboard containing a widget displaying “Add Account” message now works correctly
  • SharePoint List data is now loaded correctly
  • An auto recovery copy of a dashboard which throws an exception no longer leaves the app unresponsive
  • Formatting now applies to the transposed fields
  • The application no longer requires the Windows CRT library to be installed
  • Dashboards in SharePoint repository are no longer shown in the root folder after edit
  • Drilling multiple DateTime fields in the rows pivot area is now supported
  • The vertical scrollbar of the rows pivot box stays visible only when there is a need
  • Conditional formatting bounds settings are now applied
  • Editing an existing or creating a new composite data source is now working correctly
  • Changing the global filter selection now prompts for saving when exiting edit mode
  • CJK characters in the chart axis labels now appear correctly when CJK and alphanumeric characters are mixed
  • Global filter editor popup now stays opened when creating new global filter with recent data source item