ReportPlus Server: What's new in version 5.4

Lucia Rodriguez / Tuesday, October 17, 2017

So, finally, here it is!

Version 5.4 of ReportPlus Server is arguably the biggest update we have introduced so far, with a plethora of new features and enhancements. These include the ability to export and annotate dashboards, to sort columns in grid visualizations and raw data, and others features.

Let’s go through what’s new in 5.4!

Exporting Dashboards

The information displayed in a dashboard will change as the data updates in the source, but there will be scenarios where you may want to share a snapshot of the data in that specific moment in time. To allow for this, ReportPlus Server has now introduced a well-established functionality in all other platforms: the ability to export a dashboard.

Exporting Dashboards

You will be able to export as an image, a ReportPlus file, a CSV, Power Point, PDF or Word document. All options will include a general and widget-by-widget breakdown of your dashboard; you will be able to configure several settings, including a custom logo and author names, and add any description necessary to your widgets.

Annotating Dashboards when Exporting 

When exporting your dashboard, you can also choose to add any annotations you need to provide extra details, highlight points of interest, or simply to communicate desired changes to other users. ReportPlus now allows you to add notes, shapes, or text that you desire during the export process.

Annotating Images

Shapes available in the toolbar include squares, circles, lines, arrows and free drawing options. Depending on the shape you select, you can change background or stroke colors, opacity and width.

Annotations in Dashboard

If you choose to add text annotations, you can also adjust the size of your text box, its opacity, or the font’s weight and size.

Column Sorting for Grid Visualizations and raw data

ReportPlus 5.4 also introduces the option to sort columns in grid visualizations and raw data, which you access by viewing the data behind your visualization.

Column Sorting

While you are at it, you can also resize the width of your column by clicking the header and dragging the resize handle. 

Start Position for Pie and Doughnut Charts

People often avoid Pie and Doughnut charts because of how hard it can be to  read slices that are not aligned or have poor comparing angles. ReportPlus makes this easier for you by allowing the possibility of configuring a starting position for your visualization at any of the four cardinal directions.

Start Position

Dashboard Linking to Dashboards with Filters

ReportPlus takes drilling down navigation to a new level: if you want to provide more details on the information displayed in a widget, you can now use a whole dashboard with its own dashboard filters to do so. It is particularly useful when establishing top-down analysis from a more business-oriented perspective into a detail view with heavy metrics.

Dashboard Linking

Documentation Improvements

We are also happy to announce that we have introduced a few new sections in our documentation to accompany the latest ReportPlus build: 

  • Specifications added for Exporting Dashboards in the DIY Visualization topic.
  • A list of supported devices and operating systems has been added.
  • The feature matrix for all ReportPlus platforms has also been added for users to have a better understanding of what features are included in each application.

Install ReportPlus Enterprise on your server today and start enjoying the new features!

The 5.4 release of ReportPlus Server gives you even more control when working your dashboards. Contact us today to install ReportPlus Enterprise Server!

If you’re interested in trying out any of the ReportPlus platforms to enhance your server experience, you can download them using the following links:


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