The Road Ahead (Infragistics Podcast Ep. 4)

Infragistics Team / Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In this episode of the Infragistics podcast, [ iTunes | Google Play | MP3 Download | RSS ], moderator Elden Nelson talks with Jason Beres, senior vice president of Developer Tools, about where Infragistics has been and where it’s headed — in both the upcoming year and in the long term.

Elden and Jason have both been part of this story for more than 20 years, writing about and working with Infragistics offering long before coming to work here. Today they’re part of the company’s evolution from a fine-grained focus on developer tools to a more comprehensive view of what the developer experience involves.

“Infragistics was founded on the belief that developers at enterprises and small businesses needed tooling in order to build better experiences,” Jason says. “We didn’t use the term ‘better experiences’ then; we called it productivity. But the story is still the same: How can we help developers be more successful in their everyday work with our products?"

Jason and Elden talk about Infragistics' big bets on developer tools as well as rapid prototyping and user testing through Indigo Studio, and in the fast-growing market of business analytics. Jason outlines the three core areas where Infragistics is focusing: the core enterprise experience around developer productivity, development for the modern web, and mobile solutions for embedded productivity to help businesses make better, more meaningful use of their data.

“There will always be developers working on the most cutting-edge stuff,” Jason says. “But we know a lot of our core customers are trying to wrap their heads around how to integrate with Azure, how to get their line-of-business app from desktop to web, how to build a mobile app that’s going to help the enterprise move forward. And we’re right there with you, releasing cool new tooling that will help.”

Tune in to hear about exciting features coming to Indigo Studio and Infragistics' developer products within the year, as well as about the company’s long-term goals for supporting the enterprise story around cloud, data, mobile integration, and mobile back-end services. It’s all built on the top priority of helping Infragistics customers be more productive and ultimately more successful.

“Infragistics has never been a funded company; all of our success is organic growth based on our customers’ successes,” Jason says. “Our CEO, Dean Guida, always reminds us of that. We have many, many, many happy customers, and that’s how Infragistics grows.”