Transform Your Mobile Productivity with SharePlus Enterprise

Infragistics Team / Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Today, business mobility is mainstream. Mobile devices have enabled the workforce to break free of the office environment; workers can check email or join team calls from the doctor’s waiting room, the after-school pickup line, or the living room couch after dinner.

But phone calls and emails are only part of the technology of business, and when it comes to updating documents or managing business processes, mobile access often falls short.

Infragistics SharePlus Enterprise can extend your organization’s data and processes to mobile devices, seamlessly and securely, giving workers the complete access they need from any location.  

We'll be posting over the next several weeks about how SharePlus Enterprise can help you transform your mobile workforce and improve your teams’ productivity in the office and in the field.

We’ll start by exploring the key capabilities of SharePlus Enterprise: how it enables you to set up one place to find everything through seamless integration and global search.

Customized workspaces are another way SharePlus Enterprise sets itself apart: your organization can maintain your implementation and grow with your business needs using one app to manage SharePlus. After that, we’ll dive into the key business scenarios of field services, field sales, project management, and paperless meetings, including real-world examples.

One of the key advantages of SharePlus Enterprise is its ability to make your SharePoint implementation truly mobile. Not only can you edit and create files on your mobile device without repeated logins or access barriers, you can take advantage of SharePoint capabilities including lists, calendars, surveys, and more.

Learn more about how your business can get more out of SharePoint with our on-demand webcast series, SharePoint Unchained.

In SharePoint Unchained, Infragistics solution consultant Kiril Matev explores the value of empowering your mobile business, the underutilized power of SharePoint, and how SharePlus brings it all together.

We’re constantly updating and evolving SharePlus to meet the needs of our business customers. Try SharePlus Enterprise free for 30 days to see the difference it can make for your business.