What's New for Indigo Studio in Ultimate 17.1

George Abraham / Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ideate-Prototype-LearnWhether you are designing for a user story or micro-interactions, prototypes are a great way to communicate how your idea will work, before you begin coding. The goal is to experiment using the cheapest means possible—and if you are wrong, to pivot early in the design process.

The challenge is to know how much to prototype, and when to stop. Simply creating prototypes, without testing with users, completely misses the goal.

Indigo Studio, included in Infragistics Ultimate 17.1, not only allows you to rapidly prototype, it also allows you to conduct remote usability studies that are unmoderated. That is, more than 1 user can take part in the study remotely, without requiring the study organizer to be present. With this new capability, you only need to design a prototype with enough functionality to support the study. It's as simple as that!

Release highlights include:

Unmoderated user studies with video recordings

Indigo Studio usability study results are designed for quick insights. The study overview report shows exactly how many people were successful in completing the tasks, and the average time required. You can, of course, drill down to view statistics for each participant. 

Usability study overview report

To support qualitative insights, we are announcing the ability to video record the usability session, complete with audio and camera data. Your users can participate in studies anytime and from anywhere.

Video replays are a great way to understand why users were unsuccessful (or took a long time) in completing the tasks. 

Usability video recording

As you watch the video, you can add notes to record your insights. Click on any existing note in the sidebar to jump to that section of the video. This is incredibly useful when multiple team members are analyzing the videos. With an annotated video timeline, you can quickly see where participants interacted as expected, and where they got confused.

Want to learn more? Visit our site for a video lessons and how-to guide.

Note: You will need the latest version of Indigo Studio (2017 Vol. 1) to get access to usability video recordings. If you used a product key in the past to activate Indigo Studio, you can look up the latest product key. Visit my keys and downloads to see your product keys. 

Transition presets when adding/removing UI elements

The latest version of Indigo Studio makes it easy to assign preset transitions to any UI elements  you add or remove to a UI state. This, combined with the fact that Indigo Studio already lets you add interactions and create UI states as you explore a user story (no advance planning required.) means that when you are done wireframing, you are also done prototyping.

Adding preset transitions in the timeline

We support several preset animations, including Fade, Flip with direction, Slide with direction, and Pop.

Showcasing some of the effects triggered by interaction

This is in addition to the usual transitions for animating moves or other properties for the UI elements.

Download and embed Google fonts in your prototype

Many customers have requested the ability to use Google fonts when designing prototypes. And now you can. We have also updated the font picker to let you choose from available font weights.

Download Google Fonts

Little Big Things

Following is a list of smaller enhancements we made to make your day to day prototyping a little bit easier.

Support for GIFs

GIFs have made a comeback, and now you can add GIFs to your prototype to showcase your uber-custom transitions and effects.

Specific interaction triggers for UI elements

For several UI controls in the toolbox, the standard interaction events may be a overkill. For example, a checkbox or a switch. Which is why we added custom triggers for such controls.

Adding control specific interactions

Continuing with the switch example, you will see specific interaction trigger for when switch is turned ON vs. OFF. 

View all states & journal navigation

We changed the design toolbar to offer a more obvious "view all states" option to view the interactions explorer. You can then edit the state name right there.

You can also trigger the "view all states" mode using a new keyboard shortcut (Space + X), allowing you to jump between states of a screen or screenpart.

View interactions explorer

We've also added back the journal navigation arrows allowing to switch between states you have recently visited. This behavior is very similar to the "back" and "forward" actions you find in your web browser.

New design language for Indigo Studio

We made several refinements and tweaks to the design-time experience. In the end, no pixel was spared. We hope you enjoy the fresh new look!

Updates to the visual design language

Learn more about Indigo Studio

Indigo Studio empowers designers, developers, product managers and users to quickly and collaboratively create and test realistic prototypes – before the first line of code is written.

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